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Were the Nazis Left or Right?

Almost all of their contemporaries would classify them as extreme right.

1). They were violently hostile to all center-left and far-left political parties for their entire existence as a party.
2). They formed coalitions with the traditional right in both electoral politics (the colation government that made Hitler Chancellor) and in bureaucratic politics (their uneasy detente with the German army, which becomes more of a co-option of the army as time goes on.
3). They were violently nationalist, and anti-internationalist , compared to the internationalism of the contemporary left.
4) As the 30's wear on, they form alliances with other far right governments.
5) They oppose class struggle, a central tenet of Marxists, Democratic and Bolshevik alike.
Basically, they are right wing because they define themselves in opposition to the left, even if they differ with traditionalist conservatives.
Note: note that I define their position in the spectrum based on contemporary politics, not ideology.
Source: Hitler: Hubris&Nemesis (2 volumes) Ian Kershaw

By almost any metric, Hitler and the Nazi party belonged to the extreme right.
First of all, the idea of classifying ideologies between right and left comes from the National Assembly during the French Revolution. The supporters of the French King, Louis XVI, sat to the right, while those advocating revolution and republicanism sat to the left. In the middle you would find those that supported a compromise between the two, like a constitutional parliamentary monarchy.
Because of this distinction there are certain political positions that we can assign to the right*:
  • they are conservative, both in economic and social matters;
  • they are usually nostalgic about the past (reactionaries);
  • nationalistic;
  • militaristic;
  • anti-communist.
This doesn't mean that a certain brand of the right will not reject these ideas, or that a brand of the left may not take some of these ideas as their own; rather this list is what generally can be found in right-wind manifestos.
*If you have any questions about how true these points reflect right-wing thought, I don't mind explaining myself, but I rather delve on the two arguments used to say that Hitler was extreme left-wing.
The first argument takes aim at the economic policies of Hitler, which were very much interventionist, conflicting with the right-wing policy of economic conservationism and laissez faire. And this is true, Hitler intervened in the economy, established mandatory vacations & other workers' rights.
But to him, the economy was simply a means to an end. By reducing unemployment and improving working conditions Hitler gained much needed legitimacy and certainly aided him in his consolidation of power. Not to mention the fact that by putting Germans back to work he was able to improve German infrastructure (the Autobahn) for the coming war and get running the factories that would later produce war materiel.
The second argument used to place Hitler among the extreme left is the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, with which the USSR and Nazi Germany split Poland among each. It was by every definition of the word, a marriage of convenience: from the time Hitler took part in politics he was vehemently anti-communist, and this conviction can be finally seen in 1941 when he finally attacked the USSR. Both parties to the treaty knew that the thaw in their relationship was a temporary affair, made necessary due to the isolation both countries were experiencing.
Stalin signed the Pact because of how isolated the USSR was, and he had reason to feel lonely. After the 1917 Revolution all of the major powers landed troops in Russia in order to influence the Civil War in favor of the anti-communists (the Whites). And even after the Reds won the Civil War it tooks many countries decades(!) before they were recognized as the rightful rulers of Russia. The USSR was only able to join the League of Nations (similar to the UN) in 1934, almost 15 years(!) after it was founded. Stalin turned to Hitler simply because he was the only leader that was willing to deal with the USSR; Stalin would have wanted alliances with UK and France, but they gave him the cold shoulder.
TL,DR: Hitler was extreme right; No, his intervention in the economy and his dealings with Stalin don't magically turn him into a left-wing
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