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How the Moor Murders are linked with the Madeleine McCann case

Could the Madeleine McCann case be linked to Satanic child abuse and ritual murder on the moors? 
It might sound crazy now but when you join the dots it's not that crazy after all

Madeleine was three years-old when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, Portugal, on May 12, 2003

Forget about conspiracy theories this what you are about to read has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. Everything you are about to read has come from police statements newspapers and witnesses.

Yesterday in the Mirror newspaper they reported that paedophile Sir Clement Freud shared an office with Satanic paedophile Cyril Smith. I make the point of Cyril Smith being a Satanic Paedophile because he visited Satanic Rituals on the Moors with Jimmy Savile who knew Ian Brady and Myra Hindley but more about that later.

 'Paedophile' ex-MP Sir Clement Freud shared an office in Parliament with one of Westminster's most notorious alleged sex abusers.

His link to Cyril Smith resurged today after an alleged victim came forward to say Sir Clement was a predator who molested girls as young as 11.

Sylvia Woosley, now in her late seventies, said she was repeatedly assaulted by Freud over 60 years ago.

A second woman claimed the former star of Radio 4’s Just a Minute panel game raped her aged 18 after years of grooming that included taking her on trips to the House of Commons.

Sir Clement was elected for the Liberal party, the foundation of today's Liberal Democrats, in 1973 and joined the office of Mr Smith - who entered Parliament a year earlier.

The pair worked closely together, with psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's grandson speaking for home affairs and Mr Smith speaking for the environment.

Sir Clement died in 2009 and Mr Smith died a year after him. Despite allegations, during his lifetime Mr Smith was never prosecuted.

Lib Dem peer Alan Beith wrote in 2009 how he joined both men in the same crowded Parliamentary office when the trio were new MPs.

In an obituary in the House magazine, preserved on a Lib Dem history blog, he wrote: "When I was elected to Parliament in 1973 I found myself sharing a small office with three other Liberal by-election winners, including Cyril Smith as well as Clement Freud.

"Clement Freud was regularly on the telephone to the council and departmental officials, persuading them to sort out his constituents’ grievances. His celebrity status encouraged officials to sit up and take notice.

"Freud was a demanding employer, so staff came and went rather frequently, but there could be no doubt of his commitment to constituents."

Lord Beith could not be reached for comment today.

A Lib Dem source confirmed Mr Smith and Sir Clement shared an office and said "four to six" MPs shared the same office at various times.

Although the allegations against Sir Clement are unproven in court his widow Jill, now 89, did not deny them.

She told the ITV Exposure programme which revealed the claims: "This is a very sad day for me. I was married to Clement for 58 years and loved him dearly.

"I am shocked, deeply saddened and profoundly sorry for what has happened to these women. I sincerely hope they will now have some peace."

A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: “These allegations are horrific.

"We are desperately sorry to learn that lives have been ruined by a man whose public face was so greatly at odds with his true character. It has clearly taken a lot of courage for these women to speak out, after a lifetime of having to hide it.

"This is the latest in a terrifying line of cases where high profile figures have systematically used their status, celebrity and power, to abuse and to rape.

"Clement Freud was a senior figure in the Liberals, our party’s predecessor, and we are deeply shocked and horrified by this news.

"Our party was never aware of what happened, and our hearts go out to the women who were affected."

Police are still investigating Freud (Even though he is now deceased) because of Emails that were sent to Madeleine McCann's parent's Kate and Gerry.

The ex-MP and TV and radio star had a villa in the resort Madeleine McCann vanished from and befriended her parents in the weeks after she went missing.

Clement Freud

Emails between 'predatory paedophile' Sir Clement Freud and Madeleine McCann's parents are set to be probed as part of a child sex abuse inquiry.

Messages exchanged between the late MP and the parents of missing Madeleine will be submitted to an inquiry into historic abuse allegations, according to The Star.

The revelation comes after news the ex-MP and TV and radio star had a villa in the resort Madeleine McCann vanished from and befriended her parents Kate and Gerry in the weeks after she went missing.

A woman who says she was a victim of Freud claims she told police about his links to the family, but nothing was done.

Now Vicky Hayes, 64, says she reported her concerns to police two years after reading Kate McCann's book Madeleine.

Vicky had found that Freud appeared to be a private person who did not enjoy the media spotlight and found the idea of him entertaining the McCanns after Madeline disappeared, odd.

She told ITV News: "I read Kate McCann's book and was immediately upset and anxious that Clement Freud had invited the McCanns to his home.

"He was a private man, not the type to suddenly befriend a couple who had intense media attention. It really jarred with me, left me feeling very uneasy."

"He had a home in Praia de Luz, but why invite them and cook for them?" Ms Hayes continued.

"Nobody else would have thought Freud capable of abuse and rape but he did it to me.

"I'm angry police were dismissive of my information.

"My son wrote to the police with my account and concerns over Freud in connection to the McCanns, but he never got any response.

"I have a six-year-old granddaughter, a young girl like Madeline. If you have a something you feel needs to be looked at you have to tell someone. That's what I did.

"That's why I contacted the police, when I read Kate McCann’s account, I wanted the detectives to know what I knew about Clement Freud.

"My purpose was for officers to investigate why he invited (them)."

"It needs investigating if Freud had any involvement or knew anything," she added.

"He was capable of anything."

The Metropolitan Police Service has been contacted for a comment.

Hayes, 64, grew up in Lincoln. In the mid-1960’s, Clement Freud visited her father’s seafood restaurant there, known as Syd’s, to try the food.

She said: "Daddy's fish restaurant was already quite well known so Clay, as we knew him, came to try his cooking when he was in Lincolnshire for horse racing. That's when I met him.

"He immediately took a shine to me, I was 14 at the time. I was pretty and after that, on his visits, I would wait on.”

The McCanns are said to be “horrified” by the claims that Freud was a paedophile.

They were invited to his house twice after Madeleine vanished and kept in contact by phone and email.

Writing about their first meeting - two months after Madeleine vanished - Kate McCann wrote in her book: "I’m usually very intimidated by people with brains the size of planets but Clement was incredibly warm, funny and instantly likeable.”

Kate and Gerry were two months into the search for their daughter when they received the letter inviting them for the meal at his holiday home in Praia da Luz, a short drive from the Ocean Club, where Madeleine went missing on May 3, 2007.

He invited them for dinner again in September that year but they cancelled because they had been named arguidos in the investigation.

As mentioned earlier Freud and Cyril Smith were close friends, Smith was also very close to face of the BBC, children's TV presenter, a serial paedophile and ninth circle satanist Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile used to DJ in a Manchester Ballroom before he became famous and there he met and befriended Myra Hindley and Ian Brady the infamous moors killers.

Brady and Hindley used to record the torture, rape and murder of their victims all aged under 16 which mainly happened in the basement of their home in Yorkshire. In one of these tapes is a man's voice in the background which one policeman said: "sounded much like Jimmy Savile's voice". It's not known whether the policeman was trying to tell the public that it was Jimmy Savile's voice or if he was just explaining that the voice sounded similar to Savile's but even so it is still creepy as they were friends. 

Pervert MP Cyril Smith was pals with satanic child sex monster.

Cyril Smith

Victim Michael Roberts reveals his devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised abuse at the moors. 

Paedophile MP Cyril Smith was in league with another appalling child sex abuser who set up satanic rituals and raped children as young as TWO, the Sunday People has discovered.

Victim Michael Roberts, 40, today bravely puts aside his right to ­anonymity to tell for the first time how he was only six when he was sexually abused by 29-stone politician Smith.

And shockingly he has revealed his devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised the horrendous ordeal. Horgan made a deal with the man who went on to be knighted after years as a ­respected Member of Parliament.

Michael claims Smith, who was also a close pal of Jimmy Savile, told him he had been “a naughty boy” before forcing him to take part in a perverted spanking and groping ritual.

Now studying for a counselling ­qualification, Michael fought back tears as he recalled: “I was frightened of him because of his size. But by then I was getting abused by so many people I’d just got used to it.”

Horgan, who has also used the name Shaun O’Donnell, became known as the High Priest of Satan.

He was jailed for 10 years and placed on the sex offenders’ register after he was found guilty of six sex abuse ­charges in 1992. Smith died in 2010 aged 82.

The twisted pair are believed to have bonded initially over their mutual love for Elvis Presley before finding they also shared a sexual interest in children.

Abusing ­the young and vulnerable became an obsession.

Horgan organised a series of satanic-themed orgies for like-minded paedos.

In one of them, he raped little Michael and an even younger female child before watching on as others did the same.

The monster, whose youngest victim was only two, also hung up his stepson and the girl on hooks.

In further horrendous episodes, he stripped the children naked, blindfolded them and tied them to a cross next to a black magic altar so that his “disciples” could use them for sex.

The abuses were often filmed to be gloated over later.

Horgan also forced the children to carry out disgusting sex acts on other kids, including their friends and each other.

He organised outdoor “parties” for these activities on Saddleworth Moor, where child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had buried their victims.

Youngsters from two to 13 were drugged, tortured and sexually abused during the satanic “ceremonies”.

The shock revelation over the satanist and MP’s friendship raises questions over any role Smith and Jimmy Savile may have played in Horgan’s paedo ring.

Horgan was also pals with Raymond Hewlett, the child rapist questioned in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Michael added: “Michael Horgan used to take me out to ‘visit’ people ­regularly. It didn’t seem that far away. It didn’t take us long to get there. We went there in a taxi. Just me and Michael Horgan.

“I can’t remember where it was, just that it was a long row of houses and that it wasn’t far from where we lived in Rochdale.”

Michael says the visit had obviously been set up beforehand as local MP Smith ­greeted him by his first name when he walked in the room.

He added: “We went into the house. He was a big fat guy. They (Horgan and Cyril) were talking between themselves. It looked like it had been pre-planned because he (Cyril) said, ‘Hello, Michael.’ Then he said I had been ‘naughty’ and that he had to spank me three times.

“He spanked my bum three times and then he touched me up. He touched my private parts.

“It didn’t last five minutes ­because my stepdad was stood there and said, ‘You’ve got to go,’ and that was it.

“That was the end of it. For some reason, all of a sudden, we had to get back. I don’t know why.”

Smith, elected to Parliament in 1972, first rose to national prominence when he awarded his mother Eva the title of First Lady of Rochdale after he became the town’s mayor in 1966.

One of his victims claimed he was sexually abused in a room in the Houses Parliament as MPs walked past.

Michael said: “I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it come on the news. I went into shock when I saw him.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, it has finally come out. At the time he abused me I didn’t know who he was. In my mind, I called him the fat man.

This all comes to light just days after a police officer said that ex-Prime Minister also friend's of Smith and Savile was 120% guilty of abusing young boys and part of a satanic paedophile ring where 16 children were murdered. The police officer yester backtracked on what he said and denies he said these things which make you wonder whether he has been threatened. 

This also comes to light just weeks after Madeleine McCann’s parents lose court appeal to silence cop who claims they covered up daughter’s death.

The McCanns have lost their appeal to Portugal’s highest court over ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral’s book claiming they covered up their daughter’s death.

Portuguese Supreme Court judges met in January in Lisbon to resolve the couple’s fight against a lower court’s decision last April to reverse their 2015 libel win against the former detective.

Judges decided that Goncalo Amaral’s “right to freedom of expression” was worthy of greater protection under Portuguese law than the “right to honour” of the McCanns.

The judges ruled Goncalo Amaral’s “exercise of his freedom of expression was not considered abusive” and “was within admissible limits in a democratic and open society, which excludes the illegality of possible damage to the honour of the McCanns.”

The decision is a major milestone in Gerry and Kate McCann’s eight-year fight over a book written by Amaral, who led the initial hunt when then-three-year-old Madeleine vanished from their Algarve holiday apartment in May 2007.

Kate and Gerry "axed" PR expert Clarence Mitchell (friend of Jill Dando and was the first journalist there on the scene at her death) after nine years last year as they faced uncertainty over the future of the £12 million British police investigation - codenamed Operation Grange - into the disappearance of their daughter.

Amaral was ordered to pay Kate and Gerry 500,000 euros (£430,000) plus interest in damages after losing round one of their libel battle in April 2015 over his book ‘The Truth of the Lie.’

Appeal judges reversed the initial ruling by a court in Lisbon in April last year, siding with the former police chief and overturning a ban on his book.

A Portuguese court has said that Kate and Gerry McCann have NEVER been cleared of Madeleine's disappearance. 

Jimmy Savile was also questioned over the Yorkshire ripper murders as one of the women's bodies was found outside Savile's home.

Below is a documentary that I made called "Savile an Inconvenient Truth" which covers EVERYTHING mentioned above. It is free to watch. 

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