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6 Months and Theresa May is a MASSIVE failure

Six months ago today, on the steps of Downing Street, Theresa May promised to make Britain “a country that works for everyone”.

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But instead, she is simply continuing the failures of the failing Tory Government over the past six years.

Whether it is on the NHS, the economy, education, or leaving the EU: Theresa May simply cannot give Britain the change we need.

On the NHS, Theresa May presides over a devastating crisis, resulting from years of cuts and underfunding of our health service by the Tories.

There has been a canon of experts urging the Government to step in and give the NHS the money it needs. Most recently, the Royal College of Physicians warned that this crisis is “the worst it has ever been”.

Yet Theresa May has her head in the sand, failing to improve the situation. And now, rather than fixing the crisis the Tories have created in A&E, Jeremy Hunt has suggested that there could be further downgrading of the four hour A&E target.

The Tories health policies are nothing short of disgraceful, and Theresa May is directly responsible.

On the economy, the Autumn Statement showed public sector net debt set to almost double from 2009-10 to 2021-22, with growth and productivity both revised down. It is now clear that the Tories’ austerity politics have failed, and the Government has acknowledged this by abandoning George Osborne’s discredited surplus target.

On education, Theresa May is obsessing about new grammar schools which would benefit just a few of our children but has no plan to deal with falling budgets, chronic teacher shortages and not enough good school places.

And on leaving the EU, Theresa May is steering the country towards a chaotic and destructive Brexit. By failing to provide certainty, Theresa May is putting her party before her country. This is an insult to the British people, as Brexit is the most important political issue that has faced the UK for a generation.

It is clear that rather than tackling the challenges we face, Theresa May's policies are divisive and will take the country backwards. Working people deserve better than Tory failure – only a Labour Government will stand up for them and their families.

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