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Morons First Paul Golding is NOT in a cell with "extremists"

Britain First’s claim that Paul Golding’s life is in danger as he has been imprisoned alongside hate-preachers and Islamic extremists has been branded “completely untrue” by the Ministry of Justice.

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In a video posted to Facebook, interim leader Jayda Fransen details how a “colossal stitch-up” means he is “rotting in a prison cell” amongst “convicted hate-preachers and Islamic extremists”.

She says: “Paul is now languishing in a cell in a prison dominated by Muslim gangs.

“These prisons are currently home to convicted hate-preacher Anjem Choudary, Islamic extremist Michael Ibrahim and Abu Izzadeen, all of whom Paul has personally confronted on the streets of London whilst they were preaching hatred towards non-Muslims.

“Not to mention Muslim terrorists like Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the convicted killers of Lee Rigby, who are also inmates of these Muslim-run British jails.”

“These are the kind of people Paul is being forced to live amongst.

“Paul’s life is now on the line because of this colossal stitch-up by police in the courts. Our corrupt, left-wing authorities have thrown Paul to the wolves in a bid to destroy him.

“Every day he spends in that hellhole brings him closer and closer to extreme danger or even death.”

But there’s a problem with this assertion - Choudary, Adebolajo and Adebowale are imprisoned in Belmarsh maximum security prison.

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The whereabouts of Ibrahim and Izzadeen are not public but both were previously jailed at Belmarsh.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice confirmed to The Huffington Post UK that Golding, 34, is not imprisoned at Belmarsh and the claims in the video are “completely untrue”.

The group’s supporters appear to have lapped it up regardless, with one even blaming the Queen.

The fibs don’t stop there either - Fransen goes on to say: “Paul has spent years opposing and confronting radical Islam and its followers from around the country.

“Thanks to his efforts he has built a following bigger than anything that has ever been seen in British political history.”

Outside the paid promotion of Facebook, Britain First rarely muster more than 20 attendees to any of their events.

Undeterred, Fransen goes on to turn the video into an appeal for funds.

She says: “But the establishment’s war on Paul and Britain First has reached a new intensity with Paul now rotting in a prison cell.

“And all of this has come at a time when Paul planned to address some important, personal family issues.

“But instead of doing so he is now stuck behind bars.

“I am racing around the clock to launch an appeal to raise funds to get Paul out of prison immediately.

“Every day he spends in that hellhole brings him closer and closer to extreme danger or even death.

“This is no way for a Christian, British patriot to spend Christmas and I would like to thank everyone who has supported our campaign to help get Paul released from prison.”

The former leader of the group was jailed for eight weeks earlier this month after admitting breaching the terms of a High Court injunction.

Satirical news site, The Rochdale Herald, took the opportunity to create a Just Giving page allowing the public to donate to The Refugee Council, which is the antithesis of everything the far-right group stands for.

Just one more thing I have seen Muslims out helping the homeless at Christmas where are Britain First and the EDL? nowhere to be seen that's where. 

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