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Tom Watson and a few Blairites visit Israel and support Israel's Apartheid in Palestine/Gaza

Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson was part of Remembrance Day events in the UK earlier this week before visiting Israel.
On Facebook Mr Watson says:
This week I led a delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with some of my parliamentary colleagues. We met with the leader of our sister party, Isaac Herzog, to build on our friendships and renew our determination to work for peace in the Middle East.

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The creep that is Tom Watson, his true colours have come to light since he backstabbed Corbyn

I spent time in East Jerusalem and met inspiring young people from the Israeli and Palestinian communities who are studying together. I wanted to come back to Israel to pay respects on behalf of the UK Labour Party at Yad Vashem. We remembered those who died in the Holocaust and renewed our determination to fight racism and antisemitism - whatever form it takes and wherever it exists.
That should make me want to say well done, yes me must fight racism and more but it does not.


Tuesday the Guardian reported, "The delegation, which also includes Ruth Smeeth, Gloria De Piero, [Rosie Winterton] and Michael Dugher, toured the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum on Tuesday, and will also visit the Palestinian territories."

Those four politicians were part of an organised and orchestrated a coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader; a plot which began as soon as Mr Corbyn was elected in September 2015. They all occupy the right-wing of the Labour Party though prefer to call themselves soft-left or moderates.

Dame Rosie Winterton was sacked as Labour's chief whip recently. Her replacement appears to be doing the job he was hired to do. Ms Winterton failed time and time again to get to grips with "plotters" and there were claims that one man in the whip's office, Conor McGinn, was orchestrating events.

Ms De Peiro a former TV personality took to writing in the Sun in the Summer of 2016 about Saving Labour as plotters tried to ignore the majority of Labour Party voters still supporting Mr Corbyn.

Mr Dugher ran Owen Smith's leadership challenge.

Ms Smeeth played her part too.

According to WikiLeaks "Ruth Smeeth, Labour MP that attacked #Corbyn, listed as "strictly protect" US informant"

When WikiLeaks tweeted that July 2 Ms Smeeth denied knowledge.

But take a look back to 2005:
Starting in 2005, Smeeth did a stint as director of public affairs and campaigns as BICOM, the British Israel Communications and Research Centre. There she was reportedly charged with strengthening the group’s relations with the “Foreign Office, party leaders, think-tanks and academia.”

Formed in 2000, BICOM’s links have historically included some in the right-wing of the Labour party, including former CEO Lorna Fitzsimons.

The group arranges for influential figures such as journalists to take trips to Israel. These have included trips to the Herzliya conference, a major “security” event at which powerful business and political figures discuss how to reinforce Israeli occupation and apartheid.
Smeeth herself is listed on the conference’s website as having attended in January 2007, apparently in her BICOM capacity. Speaking that year was current prime minister, then leader of the opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu.
Smeeth helped stage an attack on Corbyn as he, joined by Shami Chakrabarty, released the results of an investigation into allegations of anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

The final link in Tom Watson's visit to Israel as far as this story goes is Luke Akehurst.

Mr Akehurst has been an active opponent of Jeremy Corbyn from day one.

He has tweeted a series of vile tweets in relation to Mr Corbyn, made it plain that he is working to get elected on Labour's NEC in the future and remove Corbyn, having failed miserably in 2016, and has long standing links to Israel, BICOM and the weapons industry.

Over to you Mr Akehurst:
BEING appointed director of BICOM's We Believe in Israel department was a dream job for Luke Akehurst. 

Luke, who has just stood down after 12 years as a Labour councillor in Hackney, spent 11 years as a lobbyist for a PR company and worked with Weber Shandwick, largely for the defence industry, as well as for property companies and local authorities. 

"As a PR consultant, you don't get a lot of choice about your clients," he said. "It was almost my dream job to run a pro-Israel campaigning organisation. 
"To focus on one campaign, in which I really believe, was extremely attractive."
Opinion: If I share my opinion I could face attack, suspension from the Labour Party and more.

But the truth is Akehurst has obvious unsavoury links.

Recent Labour Party shenanigans have pushed some things out of sight but the not out mind as free speech is kerbed and sharing opinions goes underground.

Still, those in the Parliamentary Labour Party who staged the coup know all about that having previously cooked up a plot that spectacularly backfired.

What is Watson's visit to Israel really about?

His choice of travelling companions is telling; so is the funding of the visit:


Jeremy Corbyn has been invited but his diary is too busy at this time.

But what would a Corbyn visit to Israel achieve?

Would he simply be set up to fail?

Tom Watson's visit to Israel could be many things but there is certainly more to it than meets the eye.

Watch this space.

Tom Watson MP - Supporter of Israeli Apartheid

Many people will hear of Tom Watson MP, one of the candidates for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, from his work campaigning against child abuse, Murdoch etc.  However, there is a darker side to Tom Watson.  Contrary to popular belief he is firmly on the far-right of the Labour Party.  He was Political Advisor to the last General Secretary of the Amalgamated Union of EngineeringWorkers, Sir Ken Jackson.  Those with long memories will remember that Sir Ken stood for General Secretary in 2002 and was defeated by a Broad Left candidate, Derek Simpson.  Jackson did everything he could to avoid accepting the verdict of the AUEW electorate for what was the first election for a new union, Amicus.  As his Wiki entry says:

‘Throughout his career, Ken Jackson was on the far-right of the union movement. He was a vice-president of the Trade Union Committee for European and Transatlantic Understanding (TUCETU) - an organisation with close links to NATO and the CIA. He became a close associate of Tony Blair - in fact, he is often described as "Tony Blair's favourite trade unionist" - and received a knighthood in 1999, an unusual honour for a trade union leader…. He found himself at odds with his counterparts in the movement due to his support of issues such as private-public partnerships and US aggression.’  

Watson could not have been his political advisor if they hadn’t shared the same politics and agenda.  He later became a supporter of Gordon Brown and he is thoroughly New Labour.  He is also Vice President of the Trade Union Friends of Israel.  In 2012 he wrote the article below in support of ‘the new Histadrut’.  The ‘new Histadrut’ is in fact very much like the old Histadrut except that it has been shorn of its vast conglomerate of industries and enterprises.  Yes that’s right, the old Histadrut was the second largest employer in Israel after the State itself and as such was no union.  It was a corporatist body.

That is why its Secretary General, the former Defence Minister Pinhas Lavon could say of it in 1960 that Histadrut was '“a general organisation to its core. It is not a trade union.' 

However in the late 1980’s its enterprises began to go bankrupt and in 1985 the Stabilisation Pact in Israel forced it to sell off its companies, relinquish its health care system (Kupat Holim) and basically confine itself to representing its members.
Even so, Histadrut was a unique institution.  You join the federation first and then you are allocated to a department or union.  It’s like joining the TUC and then being placed in UNISON.  

But Histadrut was, from its very beginning in 1920, a racist body.  It campaigned for Jewish Labour (Avodat Ivrit) and Jewish produce (Totzeret Haaretz), i.e. a Boycott of Arab Labour and Produce.  It sought to divide Arab from Jewish workers and set up a tame Arab section, the Palestine Labour League.  David HaCohen, former managing director of Histadrut’s building company, Solel Boneh, described what this meant:

“I had to fight my friends on the issue of Jewish socialism to defend the fact that I would not accept Arabs in my trade union, the Histadrut; to defend preaching to housewives that they should not buy at Arab stores; to defend the fact that we stood guard at orchards to prevent Arab workers from getting jobs there … to pour kerosene on Arab tomatoes; to attack Jewish housewives in the markets and smash Arab eggs they had bought … to buy dozens of dunums [of land] from an Arab is permitted but to sell God forbid one Jewish dunum to an Arab is prohibited; to take Rothschild the incarnation of capitalism as a socialist and to name him the ‘benefactor’ — to do all that was not easy.”

David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister also became the first Secretary General of Histadrut in 1921.  He followed a rigorous policy of Jewish labour mounting pockets of employers who continued to employ Arabs.  Arabs were being driven out of the labour market as a prelude to being driven out of their land.  As Ben-Gurion noted of employers who continued to employ Arabs:  ‘it is for this petty profit, not a twentieth of net income, that he would foist on the colonies the evil of mixed labour, which can only provoke trouble on national and social fronts alike.' (my emphasis) [Rebirth & Destiny pp. 73-4]

The article below is a typical propaganda piece.  Histadrut has refused membership to Palestinian workers in the West Bank whilst taking, courtesy of the military occupation which has never opposed, 1% of their wages even though it offered nothing back in return.  After extreme pressure, what Watson calls ‘a groundbreaking agreement in 2008’ it returned a small fraction of what it had stolen.

Unsurprisingly the main concern of Watson’s ‘review’ of Alan Johnson’s propaganda  pamphlet was opposition to the Boycott of Israel.  Like propagandists for South African apartheid, Watson argues that it ‘set back the cause of peace’ whereas what has set back the cause of peace is the theft of Palestinian land, settlements, settler violence etc.

The New Histadrut: Peace, Social Justice and the Israeli Trade Unions

At a time when those opposed to a two-state solution are calling to break the relationship between British and Israeli trade unions, BICOM Senior Research Fellow Professor Alan Johnson has written an important new pamphlet, published by the Trade Union Friends of Israel, which provides a unique insight into the history and activities of the Histadrut. The pamphlet details the Histadrut’s progressive aims and values and its cooperation with the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU). Professor Johnson lays out the origins of the Jewish labour organisation, their role in the foundation of the State of Israel, the subsequent creation of an Arab workers section, and the groundbreaking agreement in 2008 between the Histadrut and the PGFTU. The pamphlet highlights the Histadrut’s inclusive as a powerful champion of vulnerable workers, its positive working relationship with its Palestinian counterparts, and why this relationship should be strengthened, not undermined, by UK trade unions. The pamphlet also details why boycotts damage Palestinian workers, set back the cause of peace, and risk isolating British trade unions from the wider international trade union movement, which has chosen engagement, practical solidarity and critical dialogue.

As Vice President of TUFI, I’m pleased to endorse the pamphlet, The New Histadrut: Peace, Social Justice and the Israeli Trade Unions. Its contents and recommendations are a powerful source of information for all those wanting to engage with the Israeli and Palestinian trade unions.  If we want peace in the region then surely we should be nurturing and supporting trade union dialogue. A pathway to the goal of two states needs the support of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians. Who better than trade unions to facilitate this to build confidence and understanding.”
Rt Hon.Tom Watson MP 20.6.12.

As someone who had not yet decided which candidate to back in the Deputy Leadership ballot, I was interested in whether or not it is true that you are a supporter and indeed Vice President of Trade Union Friends of Israel and therefore the Israeli union Histadrut?

If this is true then I am surprised because Histadrut is an Apartheid union which began life campaigning for Hebrew Labour (i.e. a boycott of Arab labour) and anyone acquainted with the subject will know that they effectively campaign for a colour bar in the civil service when Britain was the Mandatory power.  Something Ernest Bevin vehemently rejected incidentally.

Until 1959 Histadrut didn't accept Arab members and even then it separated them into a separate Arab section.  It has also never opposed building settlements in the West Bank, which is not surprising since the building firm they owned, Solel Boneh, built  most of them.

I'm starting to wonder whether he plays a massive part in the child abuse cover up and it's investigation that was set up to fail. I can only wonder if he is trustworthy now if he has shown himself not to be when it comes to backstabbing Corbyn and Labour members. Watson was one of the first MP's to bring up VIP child abuse. Watson only got Labour deputy leader because he lied about backing Corbyn then backstabbed him once they were both elected in, in 2015. 

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