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I'm a proud Bullingdon Boy

I was proud to wear uniform of Bullingdon Club, admits David Dimbleby

The veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby, pictured here as a student at Oxford, chose Havana cigars as his luxury item on the BBC's Desert Island Discs.

Dimbleby who was a disgrace on Question Time last night by laughing at the MP's and Alastair "Spin Doctor" Campbell who tore into a chilled and calm, John McDonnell has admitted he is a proud Bullingdon Tory Boy. Dimbleby kept giving Alastair Campbell sneaky looks and smirks all the way through the show for a presenter who isn't meant to be biased or on anyone's side he kept ignoring John McDonnell when he was speaking or not letting McDonnell finish his sentences. 

Being a former member of the Bullingdon Club is nothing to be ashamed of, David Dimbleby, the BBC broadcaster, has insisted. However, he claims that the exploits of his day did not resemble the “disgusting, disgraceful” behaviour of Boris Johnson.

Dimbleby, who graduated with a third class degree from Christ Church, Oxford, said he had “loved” being elected to the club and was “really proud” of his uniform.
Insisting his cohort “never broke windows or got wildly drink”, he dismissed opinions claiming that he ought to be ashamed of his membership. The Bullingdon Club, a select society of Oxford students, is known for the riotous exploits of its members at its dinner parties. Its alumni include members of the Cabinet including the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, as well as Mr Johnson, the Mayor of London.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Dimbleby disassociated himself with the politicians’ well-publicised youthful exploits, but added: “I loved being elected to the Bullingdon Club and I’m very proud of the uniform that I can still get into.”

“We never broke windows or got wildly drunk. It was a completely different organisation from what it clearly became when Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne joined, who seem to be ashamed of it, pulling their photographs and so on. But we never did these disgusting, disgraceful things that Boris did.”

Earlier this year, Mr Johnson confessed that he looked back on his Bullingdon days with a sense of “deep, deep self-loathing”, despite keeping up the tradition of still greeting members with a cry of “Buller Buller Buller”.

“This is a truly shameful vignette of almost superhuman undergraduate arrogance, toffishness and twittishness,” Mr Johnson has admitted, when reminded of his exploits as part of a documentary.
“But at the time you felt it was wonderful to be going round swanking it up. Or was it? Actually, I remember the dinners being incredibly drunken.”
Referring to one dinner, in which a restaurant was smashed up, he added: “The abiding memory is of deep, deep self-loathing.”

In his interview, Dimbleby also entered into the controversy of older women in television, saying their exclusion was a “crazy loss of talent”.

Speaking about Anna Ford, the former newsreader who had called him a “charming dinosaur” as she lamented the loss of experienced journalists on screen, he said: “Why should age matter with women?
“Women mature elegantly and better than men, very often. I don’t think age should be a factor for women appearing on television.

“There is a section among television executives who are always being hammered — quite wrongly in my view — to get the biggest possible audience, and [they are told] attractive young women will bring in a bigger audience than less attractive, older women – to say nothing of less attractive older men, like me.

“That’s the way the TV — not just the BBC — industry works. And I think it’s wrong. If you look at American TV you’ll find it keeps women at work. They use their experience in that same way that they would use John Simpson’s experience or mine, such as it is.

“It’s just a cultural shift that’s needed. And I agree that it is demeaning to women and I also think it’s a crazy loss of talent.”

He may seem like a loveable rogue but in reality, he is just a creepy Tory.

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