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Notice to readers

Notice to SMM readers

Ste Matthew Murray has taken a year out from journalism. For personal health reasons, he has decided to take a break from journalism and then decide what to do after the year is up. He may return earlier than a year or even longer than a year or sadly not at all. 
He is still making the documentary about Tory party crimes more about that will be on this website shortly. 

He apologises for any inconvenience but he has been thinking about this for a long time and he now thinks this is the right time for his own sake and for the sake of his work. 

He thanks everyone for the last five years of supporting him and his work and documentaries and say's hopefully sometime in the future he will be back. 

He hasn't blocked anyone on FB he has just decided to deactivate his account you may still see him on his personal Twitter account but that's all it is personal nothing too political or journalistic. 

Please share around and hopefully, you will see him sometime soon …

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