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DISGUSTING: VILE RACIST Tory voter on Twitter

This is disgusting this just proves how far right the Tory party has gone. Their voters are vile racist thugs. The Tories really are the new BNP/UKIP.

It was Labour who imported Pakis en masse. — Zosja (@Zosja8) June 2, 2017
We don't want a Brexit for RACISTS we want a Brexit for EVERYONE.
Now it makes sense why they are bullying Dianne Abbott so much on Twitter  the Tories are the party of RACISTS.

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Tory tried to claim expenses for PROSTITUTE

Dominatrix Prostitute who sold stories about George Osbourne snorting cocaine whilst being dominated has another story to tell about another Tory MP John Whittingdale.

On Twitter Natalie Rowe was tweeting about Jess Phillips who did an interview with Tory John Whittingdale for BBC and the conversation went from Mrs Phillips beinng a Blairite backstabber to John Whittingdale employing Mrs Rowe as a dominatrix prostitute and tried to claim it on MP Expenses. EMERGENCY- Is there a Medic at hand to help @jessphillips remove her head that's so far up @JWhittingdale Arse ! — Natalie Rowe (@RealNatalieRowe) June 2, 2017
@jessphillips Sat there with @JWhittingdale who's a Conservative who I also outed for using Tax Payers money to pay rent for his Dominatrix — Natalie Rowe (@RealNatalieRowe) June 2, 2017
Obviously I don't think any one that wants to be Dominated is a pervert, but he did try to claim it  on expenses ! That's disgraceful — Natalie Rowe (…

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