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Theresa May the IRONY Lady: The day irony died

Warning: this is what it looks like when irony dies. And it’s not pretty.

Outlining the reasons the SNP are calling for another Scottish independence referendum now it looks like Scotland faces the threat of being dragged out of the European common market as well as out of the EU following the UK’s referendum on membership of the EU last year, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon explained:

“Our precious union of nations is the most successful that the world has ever seen… We’ve worked together, we’ve prospered together, we fought wars together. And we have a bright future…. We should be working together, not pulling apart.”

“Now is not the time. This union we have is very precious,” Sturgeon added, pointing out that last year’s referendum wasn’t entirely “fair” : “being asked to make a crucial decision without all the necessary information – without knowing what the future partnership would be, or what the alternative… would look like.”


The PRIME MINISTER just said all …

EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool Conservative member faked being Labour to make them lose votes

An undercover reporter for SMM News has spoken to a Liverpool Conservative member who pretended to be a Labour member to try and make Corbyn's Labour lose votes.

According to a Conservative member in Liverpool, they told an SMM News undercover reporter that they spent hours planning on trying to ruin Corbyn and Labour. 

When asked what they did the person in question refused to answer what they had planned or what they have done or plan on doing because "the people who are invoved will know it is me who has spoke out". 

For legal reasons we don't want to name this person as I have already been threatened to be sued by Tories last year for naming someone who did something similiar. 

Let's just hope the people "who are doing this to Labour" know who has spoken out without us naming them. 

This story may seem a bit pointless at the minute but the truth will be out soon enough nothing stays secret forever the Tory Election Fraud has proven that.


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