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Paul Nuttal CAUGHT sending text messages pretending they are from Labour

Labour have been accused of a campaign of intimidation in Stoke after members of the public received text messages warning them they could go to hell.
Several Stoke-on-Trent residents received messages urging them not to vote for "Anti Islamic" UKIP in the upcoming by-election. In a string of anonymous messages over the past week, recipients were asked whether they would be able to "answer for" failing to elect Labour candidate Gaeth Snell "in the Grave and on the Final Day." The by-election was triggered last month when former Labour MP Tristram Hunt resigned his seat to take up a position at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Now the Liberal Democrats have taken the matter to police and called on Labour to end the "scandal." Labour deny they knew about the messages, adding that they did not condone the content. In two letters seen by ITV News, the Lib Dems told Labour of their concern the messages were exerting “undue spiritual influence” on t…

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