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Hundreds of protesters clash with police as riots spread into Paris but there is MASSIVE PROBLEM

The mainstream media keep blaming or hinting themail riot on immigrants and Muslims 
But the riots have nothing to do with religion they are total opposites with a police officer raping a young boy 

Tear-gas was used by police as rioting that originated in the suburbs spilled into the French capital around the Barbes Metro station, close to Gare du Nord. It follows the alleged rape of a young black man, named only as Theo, by French police.

Protesters started fires and smashed windows, while there were reports of riot police being attacked and shops looted.

The racist right wing media are blaming or hinting with misleading headlines that Muslims and immigrants are to blame for it. 

All you have to do is read the comments in the right wing media comments section that proves Brits are too brainwashed by right wing media that they can't even tell a story from the headline. 


Exclusive: UKIP leaflet found ...

Saying that Paul Nuttall was a professional footballer
He wasn't 

Let me guess he didn't know about this either? 

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