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BBC are afraid of the Jill Dando stuff they have a team to fight "fake news"

BBC sets up team to debunk fake news Permanent Reality Check team will target  "false stories or facts" being shared on social media

The BBC is to assemble a team to fact check and "debunk deliberately misleading and false stories" masquerading as real news yet they are the same corporation that covered up Jimmy Savile's child abuse for years. 

Amid growing concern among politicians and news organisations about the impact of false information online, news chief James Harding told staff on Thursday that the BBC would be “weighing in on the battle over lies, distortions and exaggerations”.

The Guardian reports that the plans will see the corporation’s Reality Check series become permanent, backed by a dedicated team targeting false stories or facts being shared widely on social media.

“The BBC can’t edit the internet, but we won’t stand aside either,” Harding said. “We will fact check the most popular outliers on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

“We are worki…

POLL: HUNT MUST GO Should Jeremy Hunt stand down as health secretary?

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt flees TV reporter's questions after causing confusion over future of four-hour A&E waiting target

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ran away from TV cameras this week after facing questions over the confusion about A&E waiting times.

Footage shows him being chased down the street by a reporter as he frantically tried to find his ministerial car, but performed a literal U-turn after failing to locate his jaguar. 
Mr Hunt caused confusion yesterday after appearing to suggest he would scrap the four-hour waiting target for non-urgent cases at A&E departments. 

Today he insisted his comments had been misinterpreted but refused to give any clarity on the matter as he was pursued by Sky News reporter Beth Rigby after delivering a key speech on NHS efficiency in central London. 

Tonight The Peoples Assembly are having an Emergency Protest telling Hunt to go. 

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. The Site is open to the public. Therefore, consider y…

The media is using reverse psychology to make you feel sorry for Trump

The elite and media now know nobody trusts the media they learnt a massive lesson last year by spreading lies and propaganda about Corbyn which massively failed as they made him more popular.
So now they are being clever and using the same tactic to get people to like Trump.

The world is a stage and most politicians are paid actors, paid to look like idiots, evil or cruel. The media are clever (not all of the time) and they use psychology on their readers and viewers to change elections and people's thoughts. 

They tried this tactic with Corbyn by spreading lies and propaganda about him thinking it would turn people against him but it actually made him more popular so it backfired big time. They have learnt lessons from this because now they just don't even mention Corbyn anymore in the MSM and they are using the same tactic to ridicule Trump hoping it will make people like him, you can't beat a bit of reverse psychology. 

They thought Hillary Clinton would have easily won but…

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