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Corbyn wanted schools to teach LGBT history and education but Tories vote to block it

Tories vote to block compulsory LGBT-inclusive sex education
This is 2017, not 1950's.

Education Secretary Justine Greening has repeatedly suggested she is open to reform on sex and relationship education, hinting last summer that the issue was near the top of her “in tray”.

An all-female group of MPs led by Labour’s Stella Creasy this week attempted to secure reform on the issue, tabling an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill to make lessons on “sex and relationships education, same-sex relationships, sexual consent, sexual violence, and domestic violence” mandatory in all schools.

The law would require education watchdog Ofsted to evaluate school’s provisions on SRE as part of inspections, considering “whether the information provided to pupils is accurate and balanced, age-appropriate, inclusive, or religiously diverse”.

However, the amendment was shot down by the government in a public bill committee, where Tories held 10 of the 15 votes.

The vote was divided 10-5 down pa…

Was Roman Polanski involved with Satanic child abuse and Sharon Tate's Murder?

Actress Sharon Tate was found brutally murdered in her Los Angeles home, along with three high-society friends and a fifth unnamed victim.

"Another time I was looking over at her (Sharon Tate) and asking her what she was thinking about, and she suddenly came out with: 'The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he's ugly, but he's not.'"------Christopher Jones 
All five died from shooting and multiple stab wounds.

Sharon Tate, 26, was the wife of film director Roman Polanski and was eight months pregnant.

In what police said appeared to be a "ritualistic" murder, she was found tied together with her former fiancé, hair stylist Jay Sebring.

Police said both had nylon nooses around their necks, and Mr Sebring's head was covered with a black hood.

They said both probably died of stab wounds.

Horrific scene

The bodies of Abigail Folger, 25, a member of a wealthy coffee-manufacturing family, and her boyfriend Voytek Frykowski, 32, were found sprawled on the l…

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