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The REAL REASON the elitist media are TERRIFIED of Jeremy Corbyn

Most politicians can be blackmailed by being paedophiles, Satanists or even worse they can't blackmail Corbyn as they have nothing on him this is what terrifies the media and 1% elite.

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What does Corbyn have over the media? Why are they so afraid of him? Why are they so desperate at smearing him? The desperation is seeping through the media machine and they are not ashamed of showing how desperate they are it's really embarrassing. 

Another reason they are afraid of Corbyn is because he lets us normal people have a voice and they do not like that, they want us to be slaves to the system whilst they rip us off, take away our services such as the NHS, British War Crimes and of course the illegal occupation of Palestine. 

The media desperation is obvious even the "impartial BBC" have pulled out many propaganda magic tricks that have failed.

We asked a media expert from Liverpool John Moors University who wants to stay anonymous and their reply is that "the fact the BBC are even pushing out obvious propaganda against Corbyn or even anyone is evidence they are afraid or have problems with Corbyn or anyone they are smearing, what that is well I don't know" 

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