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Right wing supremacist groups have set up a fake LGBT paedophile support group

A Right Wing supremacist group have set up a facebook page called "Heart Progress" which is a fake LGBT support group which also "supports pedosexuals who are sexually attracted to children".

It's not in anyway related to LGBT people or LGBT rights it's just more divide and conquer tactics to make people hate LGBT people.

Their facebook page says this: 

Just as you cannot help who you are attracted to, Pedosexuals cannot help who they are attracted to. It is the 21st century, not the dark ages. We have the capabilities of connecting with people from all around the world. So get the message out there. A more tolerant and progressive way of thinking is coming soon. And in some places, has already arrived. #Equality4All

It's not real so please if you come across this report it to facebook or even better to the police.

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