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10 Times The SNP Were basically the Tories

1. When the SNP supported the Tories in bringing down Jim Callaghan’s government by a vote of no confidence, resulting in the election that brought Margaret Thatcher to power.

Image result for a vote for SNP is a vote for Tory

2. When the SNP and Tories described using Scotland's new powers as a 'tax grab,' when the Scottish budget was being set.

3. When the SNP in government blocked Labour's attempts to hold an inquiry into the 1984 miners' strike, allowing Tory attacks on working class communities to stay covered up. 

4. When the SNP and Tories voted together against Labour's plan to regulate Scottish buses.

...(and on the living wage)...

...(and on capping rent rises.)

5. When Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson used the same excuses to argue against Labour's tax plans in a leaders' debate.

6. When John Swinney's budget was branded 'a Tory copycat'

7. When their tax plan was described as "realistic and responsible," by the leader of the Scottish Tories.

8. When the SNP secured the Tories' support to get their budget through in the last parliament.

9. When they were praised by the Tories for their "good, solid, Conservative values" after their budget for cuts came before parliament.

10. And, of course:

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