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Was Guardian "Journalist" Owen Jones ever trustworthy?

Everyone knows Polls mean NOTHING, polls said we'd remain and polls said Clinton would win the US presidency 
Owen Jones Guardian "Journalist" should know this more than anyone so why is he tweeting BS about it? 

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Yesterday reports that Labour was 18 points behind the Tories in the polls maybe sound bad to some people but the polls mean nothing everybody knows that 90% of the time polls are wrong it all depends on who is online at the time to do the polls. Owen Jones knows this more than anyone so why is he using this to backstab Corbyn?

Just like Jacquline Walker, it seems " Corbyn fan" Smith is another controlled opposition, Let's face it he works for the Guardian when do you ever see the Guardian report Pro Corbyn stuff? Exactly NEVER.

There is something sneaky about Owen Jones that I can't get my head around just yet but one thing I do know is he isn't one to trust. 

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