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McCann PR team using one thing to take publicity away from them .. Shannon Matthews

First of all,we get the BBC Shannon Matthews film then they give us a Channel 5 documentary about "new evidence" next week.
Not forgetting the endless bitching and repetitive Karen Matthews posts in the media.

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The past few weeks there has been endless news about Karen Matthews in the media, with them hounding her, taking pictures of her, following her in her job interviews and online dating agencies and the media like to say it's because of the (terrible) BBC documentary film about her 3 weeks ago but is it that really? Or have the media got something more sinister in mind for hounding Karen Matthews? 

It seems Karen Matthews has become popular with the media again not because of the documentary (in my opinion) but because of what has come to light about the McCann's in the media.

Kate and Gerry McCann lost their appeal last month trying to silence Ex-Portuguese police officer Gonçalo Amaral who has a book out about them, it's called "The truth of the lie". 

Even though his book shows evidence that Kate and Gerry covered up "something" up in that apartment that night the media are still on Kate and Gerry's side by praising them and trying to make readers feel sorry for them. Not once have they questioned Gerry and Kate's side of the story.

Now Gonçalo Amaral's book is allowed to be sold in Portugal and other places Kate and Gerry are still trying to get it banned from the UK but why? and why did they try to silence him in the first place? what are they hiding? 

Also now his book is free to be sold anywhere without the threat of being sued, the media seem to be covering a lot about Shannon Matthews case instead. It seemed great timing for the BBC's documentary film to be released as it was the around the same two weeks Kate and Gerry's appeal was taking place in Portugal but it doesn't end there as a court in Portugal has also now said that Kate and Gerry were never cleared of anything yet the media seem more interested in following Karen Matthews about.

Now Channel 5 are showing a Shannon Matthews case documentary next week saying they "have new evidence" in her case and asking the police to reopen it, it all seems like a massive publicity stunt to take away the glaring eyes from Kate and Gerry.

One thing I want to know is why hasn't the mainstream media ever shown a documentary questioning Kate and Gerry's side to the story? 

Since Mainstream Media will never show it try watching Richard D Hall's film on youtube it'll open your eyes. 

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