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From NHS Staff and Patients THANK YOU STOKE

Voting Labour has saved our NHS Thank You, Stoke 
Congratulations to the Conservatives in Copeland, Now Paul Nuttall just go and take UKIP with you

Love always wins Hate always loses and the love for our NHS saved Stoke from UKIP and Westminster from a second UKIP MP. This is just evidence Labour are growing and are still more important than UKIP. 

John McDonnell said on BBC News this morning that "when I was walking the streets of Stoke people were afraid of UKIP they were dividing our community I was afraid, I'm glad Labour and I'm glad Corbyn's Labour won" 

Conservatives won a Labour stronghold seat in Copeland over Corbyn's stance on Nuclear power as most of the Copeland community work at the Nuclear plant which was expected.

This is great news for Jeremy Corbyn by beating UKIP at Stoke even though media (obviously) doesn't think so and are spreading fake news that a new leadership challenge is welcome, it's not going to happen. 

Will Paul Nuttall now quit as UKIP hate preacher? It certainly looks that way and so he should go but let's just hope he takes the whole right-wing extremist group with him. UKIP are not needed no more they did their job, they got us out of the EU and the day after Farage walks away and leaves the country in a mess as did David Cameron who left us in an even bigger mess by leaving us with unelected PM Theresa May who only got where she is by covering up the child abuse investigation. 

Labour is growing now they have united let's just hope that they stay united as they don't need more leadership challenges or divisions. 

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