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Anti-Corbyn news? Unlike it, Unfollow it, Turn it off and Stop listening

Today is Independent day from Anti-Corbyn Fake News for me
I'm sick of feeling down, stressed and treated unfairly for just democratically choosing to support twice massively elected leader of Labour Jeremy Corbyn.

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So Today I am unliking, un-following, Turning off my TV and stop listening to the radio because of elitist owned media who are terrified of Corbyn and the public having a voice but why? 

Well I'm sick to death of Mainstream Media FAKE NEWS it stresses me out, get's me depressed, angry and feeling down because we are being bullied by the elite for having an opinion and voice and not allowed to fight back because we are told we are dividing the party, bullies etc for just fighting back to the smears from Tories and Red Tory Blairites. 

The best thing to do is stop following these news sources, for example, BBC, SKY (any Murdoch crap) and any right wing nonsense fake news which is drooling with desperation.

These fake news sources are draining your energy and they are doing it on purpose with their 24 hour none stop bullshit and propaganda so just stick with the news sources you trust and unlike, unfollow, Turn off and stop listening to mainstream media that is what I am going to do from today.

Mainstream media on Facebook also have paid trolls to comment on their pages and comment boxes to make people like Corbyn look unpopular. 

I spoke to an ex-paid troll the other day. An Ex Paid troll who we will call "Thomas" spoke to us exclusively and told us how he was paid good money to troll Facebook media comments with loads of different accounts pretending to be different people.

He said how he and others used to fill the mainstream media facebook comments to make Corbyn and Labour look unpopular he also said they did the same with official online polls by faking loads of emails and voting in them.

When asked if there is still people doing it "Thomas" replied "of course there is have you seen the comments on media lately there is hundreds of them with fake profiles some of them are getting lazy and don't even bother filling in their fake profiles which are a massive give away"

Asked how much did he and others get paid to troll media comments he replied "That's something I don't wish to discuss" 

He also went on to say "We didn't just troll one way, for example being against Corbyn, we trolled pretending to be Corbyn voters and putting out anti-Semitic and bullying comments to make him and the Labour party look bad" 

Asked if he felt bad for what was done and why he stopped doing it "Thomas" replied "No, I didn't feel bad at the time because I was paid good money and I couldn't and still can't stand Corbyn anyway the man is a joke (his words not ours) but I stopped because I felt guilty. I wouldn't have liked it if it was the other way around and it was someone I was voting for, but who knows other media sources may just do that".

The final question to him was what "media source" did you work for? His reply was "That would be telling (Laughs) I don't want to get sued now do I"? (laughs again). 

Paid Trolls are also pretending to be Corbyn fans online especially on facebook whilst making Corbyn look bad and preaching tory BS. 

So say goodbye to mainstream media believe me it helps not having to listen, watch and read fake news.

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