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Open letter to Tom Watson from Labour Jewish voters

Tom Watson really isn't doing himself or Labour any favours.

Dear Tom Watson, We write as both Jewish and non-Jewish members/ supporters of the Labour Party. We read with interest yourspeech to guests at the Labour Friends of Israel luncheon recently and watched the video of you singing ‘Am Yisrael Chai’.  Perhaps you are not aware that this is the favourite chant of West Bank settlers and the fascist/neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League whenattacking Palestinians and those they disagree with? You began your speech by saying that you supported Israel because ‘our consciences dictate it’.  If you had a conscience you would not have spoken of your ‘special pleasure’ at the presence of Mark Regev, Israel’s Ambassador who, as-Chief Spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu, defended Operation Protective Edge in Gaza in 2014 when 2,251 Palestinianswere killed, including 551 children. You said that you were ‘ashamed’ at the ‘anti-Semitism in our midst’.  Let us reassure you that although you have much…

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