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Tom Watson and a few Blairites visit Israel and support Israel's Apartheid in Palestine/Gaza

Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson was part of Remembrance Day events in the UK earlier this week before visiting Israel. On Facebook Mr Watson says: This week I led a delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with some of my parliamentary colleagues. We met with the leader of our sister party, Isaac Herzog, to build on our friendships and renew our determination to work for peace in the Middle East.

I spent time in East Jerusalem and met inspiring young people from the Israeli and Palestinian communities who are studying together. I wanted to come back to Israel to pay respects on behalf of the UK Labour Party at Yad Vashem. We remembered those who died in the Holocaust and renewed our determination to fight racism and antisemitism - whatever form it takes and wherever it exists. That should make me want to say well done, yes me must fight racism and more but it does not.
Tuesday the Guardian reported, "The delegation, which also includes Ruth Smeeth, Gloria De Pier…

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