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David Miliband loses job with Clinton and now wants to replace Corbyn

David Miliband set to return to the UK after Trump victory- sparking rumours of Corbyn leadership challenge. The former foreign secretary was hoping for a position in a Hillary Clinton White House.

Zionist David Miliband is threatening to come back to Britain now Hillary Clinton will not be US president.
And that would allow the former Labour Foreign Secretary to return to British politics for a new leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn now being touted by MPs for 2018.
A friend of Mr Miliband said: “He was only hanging on over there in the hope Hillary would give him a big job.
“Now Donald Trump is president it is more likely he will come home.”
Mr Miliband is based in New York as boss of the International Rescue Committee where he oversees humanitarian relief for more than 40 war-affected countries apart from gaza as he supports occupied Palestine they like to call Israel.
So he would be ideally suited to become president of the World Bank which gives loans to developing nations…

Right Wing rags such as the S*N and Daily Mail disrespect British soldiers dead and alive

The right wing press who are obviously terrified of Corbyn, have "tried" to "report" that Corbyn was dancing his way down Downing Street as if he was enjoying remembrance day when really he was talking to an old WW2 veteran friend who the S*N and Mail edited out to gain cheap political stories for the brainwashed morons who read this crap. The more these right wing rags make up stories and propaganda the more people will wake up to the BS.

Corbyn: "I'll be taking an old friend of mine to the Cenotaph, George Durack, who was in the 7th armoured brigade in North Africa."
The Sun edited this picture - so that the World War 2 veteran who Corbyn is gesticulating to in a clearly animated conversation, was not visible.
With the context cut out of this picture, they edited it and a series of similar ones and said Jeremy Corbyn was 'Dancing a jig'.
The veteran they airbrushed helped defeat Rommel, Hitlers 'Desert Fox' - without men like George Durac…

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