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Zionist War Criminal Henry Kissinger meets with Theresa May

The controversial diplomat is in the UK “on a visit”, the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said, and Mrs May is “taking the opportunity” to hold talks with him later today.

Mr Kissinger was photographed outside Downing Street yesterday, and No 10 confirmed today he had met the Chancellor.

“He is in the UK on a visit,” the spokeswoman said.

“Yesterday he was actually in for a meeting with the Chancellor, or a chat with the Chancellor; today he is meeting with the Prime Minister.”

She refused to go into details about what she said was “essentially a private discussion” between Mrs May and Mr Kissinger.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner served as Secretary of State to Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and he has continued to propagate his ‘realpolitik’ philosophy since. 

Summary. In the words of Hitchens, Kissinger deserves prosecution "for war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offences against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and tor…

Shameful Labour MP's voted for a Yemen bloodbath just to get at Corbyn

How Britain's party of war gave the green light to Saudi in Yemen

Last month, Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader. It was his second victory by an overwhelming majority in a year, and it should have given Corbyn uncontested authority.

Yet he is still regarded with mutinous contempt by a significant proportion of his own side. They flatly refuse to accept Corbyn’s leadership.

This became clear on Wednesday night when more than 100 Labour MPs failed to support a three-line whip on British policy towards the Yemen. It was disloyalty on an epic scale. 

Corbyn cannot be faulted for calling a debate on Yemen. For the past 18 months, Britain has been complicit in mass murder as our Saudi allies have bombarded Yemen from the air, slaughtering thousands of innocent people as well as helping fuel a humanitarian calamity.

Corbyn clearly felt that it was his duty as leader of a responsible and moral opposition to challenge this policy. He nevertheless bent over backwards to make sure tha…

Child abuse inquiry hit by sexual assault claim

The head of the national inquiry into child abuse has been urged to publicly address claims that it covered up an alleged sexual assault by its most senior lawyer. The Guardian reports that an inquiry worker alleged that Ben Emmerson QC sexually assaulted her in a lift at the inquiry’s offices in Millbank in central London in early September, according to BBC Newsnight. He was suspended that month, over what the inquiry said at the time were leadership concerns, but the suspension was lifted the next day when he resigned, allowing him to keep working for the inquiry for two months. Emmerson’s lawyers have said the allegation of sexual assaults “completely false” but the claim has added to the turbulence afflicting the inquiry. Tim Loughton, a Conservative MP who was chair of the home affairs select committee when it questioned the inquiry chair, Prof Alexis Jay, and other panel members last week, said Jay needed to address the allegations and restore confidence in its work.
“It is slight…

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