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What does it mean to be zionist?

What does it mean to be zionist?

You know the people in charge of Hollywood and media are Zionists.And what does it mean to be a Zionist? It means that you support all the efforts that push for the establishment of "Zion" or "greater Israel" Now where and what is Zion? Zionists believe that their capital is Jerusalem,However the land of Zion is meant to stretch from the Nile river in Egypt to the Euphrates river in Iraq.

So the promised land is located in the middle east.So I am just asking you who will oppose this plan?

Obviously the inhabitants of that land,The Arabs.Think about that for a second.Now the Zionists control the media that coincidentally portrays the Arabs as bad guys.The promised land exists in the middle east,now connect the pieces to the puzzle.

People are purposely being indoctrinated to accept the events of today,and the ones coming tomorrow.To allow the Zionists to establish their awaited promised land of Zion.

Do you see how this conveniently ties …

Rupert Murdoch after meeting with Theresa May wants to scrap the VIP child abuse investigation

What is he so worried about? 

Why does the British public think it's ok that the unelected Prime Minister Theresa May had a lengthy private meeting with media dictator/propagandist Rupert Murdoch? Especially when the next week in the Scum (the S*N) he is calling for the VIP child abuse investigation to be scrapped? 
It's obvious Theresa May only got the PM job for covering up the VIP child abuse cover up and setting up the investigation to fail so the fact The S*N printed this the week after the private meeting between May and Murdoch speaks volumes.
Why is he so worried about the investigation carrying on what has he got to hide? and more importantly, what has Theresa May got to hide? 
It's a known fact Theresa May had links with PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) in the 80's, she wasn't a member but she certainly had links.
The 1% elite and media owners are all Bilderbergs (The world's most secretive meetings where the richest people decide your future) so it d…

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