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When will people learn that the Holocaust isn't just about jews?

I think it's time gay people, gypsies, priests, disabled, twins and fair-haired people who were murdered in the Auschwitz camps were also remembered

 As a gay man, I visited the Auschwitz camps about ten years ago and went on the tour of the museum and the tour guide never once mentioned gay people, gypsies, priests, disabled, twins or fair-haired people which I think is unfair but it's not just about the museum or tour guides it's about real history being told.
Schools are not allowed to talk about the gay part of it as schools in Britain are not allowed to teach about homosexuality (which in its self is wrong).
Now I am not trying to take away the remembrance from the Jewish people at all what I am saying is everybody needs to know the truth about the holocaust, all people who were murdered including gays, Jews etc need to be remembered on the same level. 
Also, let's not forget the many of other victims of other holocausts or genocides worldwide even happening today lik…

A great speech from a great leader now Labour has to unite

As Corbyn said last week it's time to wipe the slate clear, whether you like Corbyn or not we are all part of the Labour family and we will win the next general election as a united party.

I have written this aimed at both sides of the party. We have had our bitchiness, bullying, smears and division on both sides but it's time to forget sides as we are one party and have to respect each other and each other's views, the only side we have to put on energy on fighting now is the millionaire elitist nasty Tory party. Theresa May is not a good opposition she got battered by Corbyn in the last PMQ's and Labour can win a general election over Theresa May, let's face it who wants another Margaret Thatcher? 
I admit I have played part in bitching about Owen Smith, Blair and the right wing Labour but as of today, I am going to stop and o should you as we all need to grow up and fight the real enemies the Tories. 
I am glad to be a Labour party member and Labour voter and I hol…

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