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Hillary Clinton: Evidence the media keep repeating the same word to brainwash you

Turn off the news, it's not real! 

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Miliband brothers stab each other in the back as David's refugee aid group caught in corruption probe

In an article in the New Statesman, the man seen by many as Labour’s lost leader also appears to heap much of the blame for Labour’s current woes at the door of his brother.

Taking aim at Jeremy Corbyn, Miliband is vicious in his criticism of the Labour leader’s foreign and domestic policies. He states:

“The main charge against Jeremy Corbyn is not just that his strategy is undesirable because it makes the party unelectable. That is only half the story. The real issue is that his strategy makes the party unelectable ­because it is in many aspects undesirable.

“This is true most egregiously with regard to foreign policy… But the electorate can see through the domestic policy, too. Nationalisation cannot be the answer to everything; anti-austerity speeches cannot explain everything; corporate taxation cannot pay for everything. It doesn't add up. It wouldn't work. People are not stupid."

But how has Labour ended up in such a predicament? Clearly taking aim at his brother withou…

Anti-Corbyn Huffington Post was founded by Andrew Breibart

Homophobic, racist Andrew Breitbart founded Huffington Post along with Arianna Huffington 

Andrew Breitbart is a Jewish journalist who died in 2012 of heart failure but his homophobic, racist news website (Breitbart News) is still running today but it all makes sense why Huffington Post is so anti-Corbyn because Breitbart was a far right wing journalist.
The Huff Post also has a Royal family member who writes mental health articles for them another reason why Huff Post is anti-Corbyn because he is anti-monarchy. 
Huff Post is now owned by AOL.
I want to know why American Journalists and News Sources think they can dictate to us about our political system.

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Telegraphs Blair story is disrespectful to the Iraqi soldiers families

Why is the Telegraph begging Blair to come back anyway? He was Labour and the Telegraph is a Tory newspaper if that doesn't tell you that the Blairites  are Tories nothing will. 

This is what the Torygraph wrote:

Tony Blair is going to stop making money. Or at least, stop making profane amounts of money. He'll keep trousering huge fees for his charitable and other non-profit operations, and do some commercial work to provide him with an income, but the days of mega-millions for speaking to nasty despots are over, apparently.
Cue speculation about what he's really up to. Many people cannot take Mr Blair at face value when he says he wants to focus his time on his humanitarian and charitable work.  They see secret agendas, ulterior motives. Some even suspect he's thinking about a return to politics.  
For several reasons, that strikes me as fabulously unlikely.  But would it really be such a terrible thing if it did happen? 
British politics is currently lop-sided, unbalanced…

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