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Sign our Petition: A vote of NO confidence in Tom Watson


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POLL: Should Corbyn sack Tom Watson?

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The problem with Western Politics is you not the politicians

Vote rigging, Coverups, Lies, Smears, Racism, Bullying and Childishness is what politics across the West have turned into but we expect that from our "leaders" and that's why it's your fault.

Why should we EXPECT our politics and politicians to act like children in a playground? what happened to honest, straight talking politics? it's like everyone has backed down and said to themselves "oh this is just the way politics is now".
YOU are letting your politicians get away with corruption using your money, Illegal wars using your money, expenses, over the top wages and not forgetting £42 million of your money going to the Royal Family whilst you starve, get sanctioned on benefits, food banks and homelessness on the rise.
They will never stop till you stand up and be counted.
Just look at how Jeremy Corbyn and his voters are being treated by the media and politicians it's ridiculous it's actually become a joke and Britain has become a laughing stock.
We …

Hollywood A-Lister to be named as a paedo

Corey Haim's A-list rapist may finally be named — what took so long?

A tabloid is reporting that one of Hollywood's most recognisable faces is a child rapist and will soon be outed. Shocking? Yes. Surprising? Hardly. Because former child stars have been talking about this for years.

It was a horrifying moment in one of TV's most oddly compelling reality shows when, on The Two Coreys, Corey Haim broke down revealing he was raped as a kid. After Haim's 2010 death, Corey Feldman elaborated that his friend was raped by a Hollywood bigwig at just 11 years old.

Feldman has been discussing the sick environment of Hollywood child sexual abuse for years, even detailing the abuse both he and Haim suffered in his memoir, Coreyography. Most recently, last spring he told The Hollywood Reporter about parties for preteen actors where predators groom their next victims and said that he and Haim had attended many. And he's not the only one speaking out.

Elijah Wood said he was protecte…

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