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BBC QUESTION TIME: Alistair Campbell vs John Mcdonnell

Who had the best performance tonight on BBC Question Time?

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Rothschild Facing Massive Lawsuit For Historic Financial Abuse

The Rothschild bank is facing a massive lawsuit for claims of mistreatment of the elderly's mortgages. The investment house had lent money to pensioners which were up to 75% of the value of the pensioner's Spanish homes, it has been alleged. The proceeds were then invested in an insurance company. The Rothschild bank promised to provide them with an income, which had failed to materialise, leaving them in huge debt.The pensioners claim Rothschild abused the position of a highly respected bank. The Bank then responded by claiming they acted as a lender and not an adviser. A lawsuit has been launched because of the huge loss of money as a result of abuse of trust.

According NeonNettle
Financial adviser, Henry Woods, invited Michael and Roberta Carney, both aged 72 and 71, to take out a loan of £247,500 in 2006 on their Spanish home in Malaga. They then invested most of the fund run by Aspecta Assurance. The couple claimed to have lost £105,500.It's not the first time the Roths…

Dumb Boris has blocked an investigation about weapon sales and war crimes in Yemen

MPs yesterday demanded a complete halt on UK arms sales to Saudia Arabia following evidence they were used in atrocities in Yemen.

The Mirror reports:
In a stinging series of reports, the MPs also blasted the Foreign Office for blocking inquiries into its dealings with the Saudis.

They said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had “serious questions to answer” on the UK’s knowledge of the Saudi’s use of weapons, including cluster bombs.

A joint report by International Development Committee and Business, Innovation and Skills Committee said UK-made arms could have been used by Saudis in contravention of International Humanitarian Law.

The committee said that all arms sales should be halted until claims of human rights abuses in Yemen have been fully investigated and there were adequate guarantees that UK-made weapons had not been used in human rights abuses.

A separate report by the Foreign Affairs select committee accused the Foreign Office of trying to block investigations into arms sales to th…

If Owen Smith can't handle a few boo's how will he cope as a leader in the House Of Commons

Owen Smith has called Jeremy Corbyn voters who booed him abusive bullies, but the problem is if he can't handle a few boo's then how will he cope as a leader in the House Of Commons because that lot act like a bunch of demented apes.  

Either Owen Smith doesn't mind the booing and he is just playing a victim or he really is offended by the booing and that means he would never cope in Westminster especially as a Labour leader and opposition to the Tories.

This being a "victim of bullying" in the Labour Party is becoming tedious and boring, If real bullying is happening then it does need to be investigated but someone booing you or having a different opinion is not bullying. 

People can see what is going on in the Labour Party anything to ridicule or oust Corbyn and his hundreds of thousands of voters and it's wrong.

I think it's time Owen Smith just stood down and  let Corbyn carry on with the great job he is already doing because let's face it Owen Smith …

Ex Chicago Gang Member Says Police/Government Are Dropping Guns In The Hood

Ex- gang member from Chicago says they are the victims. He says the government is dropping crates full of guns in the black community so that they can lock up certain individuals… He claims they have extended Clips, automatic weapons and guns that you cannot buy in a gun store.

He continuously asks, “where are the guns coming from”? He also says they drop off bullets along with the guns. He says the police continue to take guns off the streets yet the streets are still full of guns.

He says almost everybody in the hood has a gun and that there is a plot and plan that is strategically against the black community. He says they don’t have a gun license so how are they getting the guns.

He claims he saw with his own eyes where they were putting crates full of guns out there so they can catch them with the guns and lock them up. This is a business.

Again he states, ” there are no gun manufacturers in the inner cities, so where are the guns coming from”?

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What happened to Britain?

1.Children being sent home from school for something stupid.

A FURIOUS mum claims her daughter was excluded from school on her first day back for her ‘extreme’ hairstyle – even though her blonde highlights are INVISIBLE.

Kelly Carney alleges 15-year-old daughter Faye Carney was banned from lessons and put in internal exclusion on Tuesday over the subtle £60 dye job.
2. Families being fined for taking children out of school to go on holiday.

As many as 90,000 parents were fined an estimated total of £5.6m in the last full academic year for taking their children on holiday during term-time, according to research.

Lancashire county council issued the highest number of financial penalties – 4,279 – in the 2014-15 school year, according to Santander bank, which received responses from 129 of the 174 local authorities responsible for education in England …

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