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The big G4S emergency services purge

Have you noticed how the emergency services in the UK are now helping each other out, for example, the fire brigade and police are doing paramedics jobs in areas where there aren't enough ambulances because of cuts and have you noticed how the police are being privatised left right and centre? Well, good old Theresa May's (our unelected PM) husband has shares in G4S and it's G4S buying out or emergency services. 

Soon all our G4S owned emergency services will be mixed together as one whole service and as well as all being just one service trained to be police, paramedic and fire brigade they will know all our details which could be used against us and I'm not just talking about our crime or health records, I'm talking about Theresa May's famous snoopers charter.

We are basically becoming a police state under an unelected PM Theresa May (dictator) who has a personal agenda of helping her husband's company of turning us into a smart country (Big Brother/1984) w…

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