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POLL: Question Time Corbyn VS Smith who won?

If Labour members are being banned for supporting other parties, then Labour MPs should be banned for supporting Tory Party policies

Most Labour MPs supported Tory Party policies on welfare, immigration and war, so when the General Secretary gets around to banning them, there will end up being a minus figure of members, meaning any candidate who wins nought votes will be the clear winner

The war in the Labour Party is more fun this year because there’s not even a pretence the factions are on the same side. So now, when 3,100 members are banned from voting in the leadership election, as revealed today, instead of trying to make sense, the General Secretary’s imagination can be allowed to flourish.

The Independent reports:

So you hear of reasons for being banned such as “tweeting a preference for cucumbers over spring onions”, or “supporting a candidate who wasn’t in the Labour Party, on the grounds it was the 2009 final of X Factor and there was no official Labour candidate.” Long-standing members are banned because “you boiled an egg in a manner that could support terrorism” or “it has been reported you had a dream in…

Journalist Sonia Poulton confronts Jacob rothschild (video)

Watch his face when confronted about the new world order, depopulation and genocide.

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Cops using inhumane tactics against the public in the Western Police State

The tone of policing in America is on a downward spiral as cops around the nation are hardening themselves against a public that is growing more and more frightened of the thin blue line. Along with many well-publicized incidents that make it to national media, many concerning changes are happening outside of the limelight. An example of this is a new living body bag that is being used to restrain uncooperative individuals.

Earlier this year the New York Police Department (NYPD), an organisation of some 34,000 uniformed officers and an annual budget surpassing $5 billion, introduced a new crime fighting device, the ‘restraining bag,’ or as it is sometimes affectionately called, ‘the burrito.’ It is essentially a full-body sized duffel bag that officers can stuff a perpetrator into and cart him off to jail like a piece of luggage.

Manufactured by DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., the EDP bag, which is an acronym for ’emotionally disturbed person,’ retails from $750 …

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