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Nicolas Sarkozy will stand trial for 'financing an illegal election campaign', French prosecutors announce

‘The re-election prospects of Nicolas Sarkozy have taken a blow after prosecutors recommended that he stand trial over fraudulent accounting during his unsuccessful campaign in 2012 to stay in office.

The decision to go to a trial must come from the judge running the investigation, but prosecutors’ recommendations are followed in most cases.’

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Attempted Hit On Putin? Vladimir's Official Car Hit In Head-On Crash, Driver Killed THE VIDEO

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BREAKING: Has there just been an assassination attempt on Putin?

Has there been an attempt on Putin's life?

News just in allegedly his Presidential car was involved in a head-on collision with a speeding car and  his driver was killed, we are not 100% sure if this was Putin's car or another hoax but will be keeping you up to date.

It is being reported that Putin had only minutes earlier been a passenger in the car.

Once we get more we will let you know.

According to the sun and the Express, it is true 
Police have only confirmed that they are investigating the accident, without giving any further details. The smashed car is officially registered as belonging to the Federation Council, also known as the Russian Senate or Upper Chamber of Parliament. The clean-up operation took several hours and a huge traffic jam formed when Kutuzovsky Avenue was closed after the crash. Police are investigating the exact cause of the crash.
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Dame Goddard: Forget the past let's protect children in the future (In other words forget about the paedo MPs)

Child Abuse Inquiry Too Big To Succeed, Says Judge Who Quit. Dame Lowell Goddard, who recently quit the inquiry, says it should focus on current issues and protecting children in the future.

So, in other words, forget the paedo MP's and Royals who are still in Westminster and in power and forget the children who were abused in the past they don't need justice, just pretend it didn't happen so, us Royal's, Dame's Lords and Freemason paedophiles can get on with our lives.

Sky News reported: 
The judge who resigned as head of the inquiry into child sex abuse says it is too unwieldy and needs to be completely overhauled.

Dame Lowell Goddard became the third inquiry chief to resign when she quit last month.

She is pressing Home Secretary Amber Rudd to put more focus on current issues and the protection of children in the future.

At the moment its brief stretches back 60 years and covers institutions including the church, schools, councils and Westminster and Royal households.


Jimmy Savile fixed it for Israel, Was Savile a Mossad/Mi6 agent?

In 1977, Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin had a meeting with Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.

This led to 'peace' between the two countries.

Sir Jimmy Savile received a medal from Israel in 1979, for services rendered.

Reportedly, Savile visited Israel in 1975 to advise Israel's President Ephraim Katzir on a matter of security.

Reportedly, Savile told the Israeli cabinet that he "was very disappointed: the Israelis had won the Six Day War but they had given back all the land, including the only oil well in the region, and were now paying the Egyptians more for oil than if they had bought it from Saudi Arabia."

Reportedly, Savile visited Israel a number of times to offer his advice.

A Manchester businessman, Benny Sternberg, revealed that "Savile had been approached to explore the possibility of a meeting between Sadat and Begin because of his friendship with the family of the Egyptian president's wife Jehan."

Savile described himself as "the only…

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