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Freemason Tax avoiding U2's Bono one of the world's most evil men?

A disturbing article about satanic worship taking place near the home of U2 singer Bono:

” A terrifying cult whose young members mutilate themselves has been holding meetings on a hill above the homes of Ireland’s celebrities, it has been revealed. 

Killiney Hill , which overlooks the houses of millionaires Bono, Enya, Eddie Irvine and Neil Jordan, has also been the scene of sickening animal sacrifices.

Now the cult, whose followers idolise satanist singer Marilyn Manson, is trying to persuade local teenagers to join its ranks.

Several youngsters have already been approached and Irish cult experts claim they are being exposed to the threat of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Like American shock rocker Manson, the group dress all in black, with dyed hair, white face make-up, black eyeliner and black lipstick.

Their anti-social appearance and self-mutilation is a mirror-image of US teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who walked into Columbine High School  in April last year and shot …

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