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VIDEO Evidence the train Corbyn was on WAS packed!

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Owen Smith refuses to abolish the Work Capability Assessment leaving Disabled people terrified

Owen Smith got into politics to lobby for the international medical corporation, Pfizer. He has launched his bid to be the leader of The Labour Party, to the surprise of no one. The man is described by members of the Labour Party as “more Blairite than Blair” & it is said:  “he’s been in every single faction in the Labour Party.” 

He is happy to privatise the NHS stating “We believe that choice is a good thing and that patients and healthcare professionals should be at the heart of developing the agenda,” he said on behalf of the firm Pfizer. 

In 2006 when there was a motion in Parliament calling for Pfizer to have less of a stranglehold on the NHS, Owen Smith said: “We believe (the early day motion) to be based on inaccurate information provided by wholesalers that we have not chosen to partner with.” 

So what is this political careerist like in person? Let this comrade who has submitted this story to us, and who we stand in solidarity with, tell you. 

It is a truly appalling tale :


EXCLUSIVE: Owen Smith said in a 2006 Telegraph interview he agrees with BLAIR on EVERYTHING

Born-again-socialist Owen Smith gave an interview to the Telegraph in 2006 in which he said he had no areas of difference with Tony Blair. Smith told the paper he opposed the Iraq War, despite previously praising it, but then claimed he agreed with Blair on everything else. Here is the excerpt from the interview:

Would he describe himself as a socialist?

“I am a democratic socialist, yes.”

And Mr Blair, is he a socialist?


Mr Smith, 36, believes the Law movement is no more than a political spasm. “Their campaign is about the past and reminding people about the past. We are looking to the future.” Trying not to sound like a New Labour clone, Mr Smith dips his toe in a puddle of controversy. “The invasion of Iraq was a mistake,” he offers. “The world would have been a safer place if we hadn’t done it.”

Any other areas of difference with Mr Blair?

“No, I don’t think so.”
On Iraq, he had previously praised the war to his local paper and refused to say he would’ve voted against. So the truth…

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