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One in six US drugs will now be made in Occupied Palestine

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has completed its $40 billion purchase of the generic medicine division of Allergan, its chief competitor.

As part of the deal completed on Tuesday, Allergan received $33.4 billion in cash and 100.3 million shares of Teva stock.

Allergan’s Anda Inc is the 4th-largest distributor of generic pharmaceuticals in the U.S. Anda distributes generic, brand, specialty and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products from more than 300 manufacturers to pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and physician offices across the United States.

Teva is the world’s largest manufacturer of generic drugs. And will continue to operate as a standalone division, Teva said in a statement issued Tuesday.

Teva CEO Erez Vigodman said Tuesday in an interview with the French news agency AFP that the acquisition is part of a wider plan to become one of the “most competitive, fully integrated companies in the industry.”

He told AFP that, in the wake of the…

Tom Watson backstabs every leader he wants the job himself

The Telegraph in 2009 reported:

Mr Watson is set to stand down from the Government when Mr Brown's reshuffle takes place.

His departure is unexpected and is a further blow to the Prime Minister on a day when it became clear that Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, had told Mr Brown that she also wanted to stand down at the reshuffle.

Mr Watson was no stranger to controversy. He resigned as a junior defence minister in September 2006 as part of a concerted effort to force Tony Blair from office.

Mr Blair was furious at Mr Watson’s central role in organising a letter signed by other key allies of Mr Brown demanding Mr Blair indicated when he was going to stand down. Mr Watson achieved that aim and Mr Blair was forced to say he would be gone from Number 10 within a year – opening the way for Mr Brown to take over.

A former union fixer, Mr Watson was key figure in Mr Brown’s inner circle. But he was dragged into the Damian McBride affair – although he was not copied into the email sent by Mr…

Dame Goddard didn't resign she was pushed from the VIP abuse inquiry

Dame Lowell Goddard, the New Zealand judge who resigned on Thursday as chair of the £100 million (N$183.5m) Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), did not leave her post voluntarily but was effectively fired, The Mail on Sunday has learned. Dame Lowell, appointed by then-Home Secretary Theresa May just over a year ago, had already lost the confidence of senior staff and members of the inquiry panel, according to two well-placed legal sources. The Home Office has denied she was sacked, according to reports. After she gave a stumbling performance at a preliminary hearing on the case of former Labour politician Greville Janner, when she appeared not to understand her own legal powers, this was picked up by Mrs May's successor as Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, and her advisers. The final straw was the disclosure - prompted in part by questions from this newspaper - that in her first year in the job, she spent 30 days on leave and 44 days supposedly 'working' in Australi…

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