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The Mirror runs a "NUKE MAP" and how would you survive quiz! Fear mongering at it's worst

Their headline is: What would happen if a nuclear bomb hit London? Use this interactive tool to discover your fate! They also say as a subheading: Millions would die and buildings would be flattened in the event of a strike! So be AFRAID very AFRAID! or NOT!

They ask you what would happen if a nuclear bomb would hit London? Then they tell you your answer (so who needed their question?) 

They tell you:

The effects would be devastating but this tool shows just how widespread they would be.

It's a highly unlikely scenario, of course.

However, 60 years ago, crisis planners were desperately worried about the threat of a nuclear attack and identified key cities and towns in the UK which were a likely target to be wiped out with one nuclear bomb.

Here's what the effects could be today if a nuclear bomb detonated in London.

We've used the Nukemap website and looked at three different bombs, all of which have been either used or tested.

Here at BDTN we didn't want to add the Google Nuk…

Flat earth is fake disinfo wrong CIA psyop cointelpro group

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