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Why Corbyn voters ARE NOT thugs they speak out

It's time the REAL people who support and vote for JC have their voice they aren't thugs, they aren't bullies they are people who see hope in a man who supports normal, working class, poor people.
I am a single mother who has just escaped an abusive relationship. I am not a thug, I am a woman hoping for a better life for my baby. I am not a thug, I am a person who currently has nothing left but hope; hope for a roof over my head, hope that my daughter will grow up healthy with the right to free healthcare and a good education, hope that I can rebuild my life and that I will not be driven into abject poverty by a Government who do not see people like me as human. The only politician who offers that hope is Jeremy Corbyn. 

 Zina Preston:
I am a 68 year old grandmother who joined as a supported when Jeremy was elected. A few months later I joined as a full labour member. Jeremy seems to be the only fair honest politician, who cares about people first and foremost and h…

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