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Chilcot: Don't mention the war

Chilcot Report will blame MI6 for 'dodgy dossier' used by Tony Blair, says source

The report is also expected to be contain harsh criticism of the former Prime Minister for 'sidelining experts' and a failure to plan reconstruction.The Mirror reports: Spy chiefs at the time of the Iraq War will be “fed to the wolves” in next week’sChilcot Report , says a source close to the inquiry. Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove will be rapped for intelligence given to Tony Blair which formed the basis of the infamous “dodgy dossier” claims about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. But Sir John Chilcot will also be scathing of the way the former Prime Minister “sidelined experts and the cabinet” as he prepared the case for war. The 2million word report on Iraq will finally be published this Wednesday - seven years after the inquiry began. The 12-volume document will examine the build up to the invasion, the military action and the attempts at reconstruction . Mr Blair will be…

A "Labour" MP writes for the Sun to oust Corbyn (Yes THE SUN)

A real Labour MP would never write for The Sun (The Scum) 

Today, a Labour MP wrote for The Sun "newspaper" & asked The Sun readers to join Labour to oust Jeremy Corbyn — Éoin (@LabourEoin) July 3, 2016

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BBC 'Chris Evans' star to be quizzed by police over historical sex assault allegations (update)

The suggestion that Metropolitan Police officers are preparing to question Chris Evans in relation to an alleged sexual offence poses two linked dilemmas for BBC director-general and editor-in-chief Tony Hall. Firstly, will Hall allow Evans, one of the BBC’s best-paid presenters, to continue broadcasting at the same time as this allegation is being examined? And secondly, will Hall be willing to press pause on the new, relaunched series of Top Gear before it finishes its current run? It is worth an estimated £50 million per year to the BBC through sales of foreign rights, despite ratings being disappointing. When Paul Gambaccini was arrested on suspicion of a historical sexual offence in November 2013 – he was later cleared – he was encouraged by BBC bosses to “step down” from his job as a BBC radio presenter while an investigation took its course. Gambaccini stayed off air for months. In reality, Gambaccini had no choice in the matter of whether he continued broadcasting. The fallout from…

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