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BREAKING NEWS: Angela Eagle will be the ONLY person to fight Corbyn

The only problem with that her constituents in the Wirral doesn't want her to lead they want Corbyn and have asked her to stand down 

The Blairites are seriously making fools of themselves, nine months ago they planned this coup and had to rush it through this weekend as they didn't expect Brexit to happen and now they voted for a no confidence in Corbyn and it's backfired big time as the only one person trying to stand against him and that is Angela Eagle who's own constituents want HER to stand down not Corbyn.

The media are saying Corbyn was close to quitting but the man himself said they are lying Tom Watson tried to get Corbyn to stand down again today and Corbyn said: "He isn't going anywhere".

So with the unwanted Mrs Eagle running against Corbyn it looks like Corbyn is here to stay as he has a massive following from Labour members, Voters, Unions and Momentum.

BDTN backs you Corbyn STAY STRONG

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45 out of 50 constituency Labour party chairs contacted by ‪#‎newsnight‬ say they still back Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn was elected on the biggest mandate in the Labour Party’s 116-year history, chosen with more 60% of the votes of the party membership. 45 out of 50 constituency Labour party chairs contacted by #newsnight still back Corbyn — BBC Newsnight (@BBCNewsnight) June 29, 2016 That enthusiasm, however, was not shared by Labour’s MPs. Corbyn barely managed to get the 35 votes required to be nominated from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).  Yesterday, they voted by a margin of 172 to 40 in a vote of no-confidence against his leadership. Some MPs speculated that after the EU referendum, enthusiasm amongst the party grassroots had similarly soured. There’s some evidence that this hope is wishful thinking. Newsnight has spoken to more than 50 Constituency Labour Party chairs and secretaries who endorsed Corbyn last year. Of those, 45 continue to offer their support and believe that their constituencies will again nominate the leader in…

Labour coup plotters protected by media giant tied to Blairite PR firm, linked to coup

A Sky News report identifying three senior Labour Party whips as the Blairite “choreographers” of Labour opposition to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was inexplicably self-censored on Monday. But the censorship comes as little surprise given Sky News’ longstanding connections to a powerful PR firm tied to former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The firm, Portland Communications, is not only directly connected to the Labour coup plotters but had anticipated a Shadow Cabinet “mass resignation” contingency plan to oust Corbyn at least six months ago – long before the EU referendum results. The Canary reports: Five paragraphs identifying the Blairite ringleaders of the coup were deleted from a Sky News report minutes after being quoted in an investigation by The Canary. The Canaryreported that the individuals identified were part of a wider network of Blairite elites affiliated with the Fabian Society, who have seen Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in Labour leadership elections as a direct threat to…

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