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Call for Mandatory Reselection of Labour MPs

Think Left Reports: It is not acceptable for a small group of elected MPs to hold the Labour movement to ransom. We are greater than that. Millions of people have supported Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and he was elected with a massive mandate. Labour Party members worked for them and voted for them, and yet once in power it has been possible to betray each of those by the lack of respect for our democracy and  basic principles of the Labour Movement which they purport to represent. It seems fair enough to expect self-discipline, loyalty and mutual respect between everyone of us.  The time has come to look at accountability of Labour MPs to their constituency Labour Party members. After the events leading to mass resignations of the shadow cabinet, it is clear trust is not enough. We press for the TUC, Labour Members and Affiliated Unions  to  consider mandatory re-selection of Labour MP with this petition. This is not just about Jeremy Corbyn. It is about you, me, and our c…

If a Labour Leadership was called upon who would you vote for? (Play our election cards)

Let's just say a Labour Leadership is called upon again who would you vote for? 

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An Open letter to Jeremy corbyn from a member of the public

Dear Jeremy, My heart is heavy with sorrow for what you have had to endure over the last few days. I can’t imagine the strain it is putting on you. The Blairites say your campaigning during the referendum was luke-warm, because you had the audacity to share your doubts and criticisms of the EU with your usual honesty and integrity. But that’s because they wouldn’t know honesty and integrity if it slapped them in the face. Spin is their thing, not sincerity. The Blairites don’t respect or trust the electorate enough to tell them the truth. You do. Had you tried to convince me the EU was a flawless institution in no need of reform, I wouldn’t have trusted you, and still angry over the treatment of Greece, Brexit would have been my choice. But I did trust you, and that’s why I voted to remain. Thanks to you, I was saved from the clutches of a decision I believe I would now be living with regret. What I find particularly ironic is the fact the Blairites fan the flames of anti-immigration sen…

Tom Watson tells Corbyn to quit

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has told Jeremy Corbyn he has "no authority" among Labour MPs and warned him he faces a leadership challenge.

BBC News (rolls eyes) Reports: 

The two men met after a spate of resignations from the shadow cabinet. The Labour leader launched a fight back on Monday morning, unveiling a new top team after a fresh round of walkouts from shadow ministers. Mr Corbyn, who was elected in September in a landslide victory, is facing a vote of no confidence from Labour MPs. If @Tom_Watson can't work with #Corbyn, Watson must do honourable thing and resign. His mandate far less convincing. — Richard Woolley (@beingrichard) June 27, 2016

Some are saying the BBC are lying (the BBC lie? never!)

Ah, I see BBC swiftly retracted. Safe to say Tom Watson's team not best pleased with them... — George Eaton (@georgeeaton) June 27, 2016

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