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Labour civil war: people have their say


Strangely,the Blairites all voted Remain whilst their constituents voted Leave in thousands.They are in trouble. — terence hooson (@terencehooson) June 26, 2016
Don't let #LabourCoup distract us from the big story. #wheresboris#wheresgove#wheresids Has shame finally got the better of them? #Brexit — Paul Hoskins (@pchoskins) June 26, 2016
Privileged Islingtonites have been bred for perverted political aims, assimilating all to neoliberalism — according to GARP (@grahamarpark) June 26, 2016

Labour's @EmilyThornberry dismissed the stupidity of those plotting a #LabourCoup who think Jeremy will stand down — Éoin (@LabourEoin) June 26, 2016


Labour's @EmilyThornberry dismissed the stupidity of those plotting a #LabourCoup who think Jeremy will stand down — Éoin (@LabourEoin) June 26, 2016

#Corbyn you faile…

here are the 22 Labour MP's who joined the coup against Corbyn

WE can now name and shame 22 Labour MPs who have signed up as part of an undemocratic coup to oust Jeremy Corbyn.

Most have been part of a cabal with a right wing agenda since September 2015, ready to use any opportunity to topple the Labour Party’s democratically elected leader. Their plotting has been an open secret. As a humble journalist, I was able to name 28 would-be assassin MPs as far back as January in  a published article entitled The Enemy Within. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell accuses many of the assassins of being linked to the Blairite campaign group Progress. “They all come from a sort of a narrow right-wing clique within the Labour Party based around the organisation Progress,” he said. “I don’t think they’ve really ever accepted Jeremy’s mandate. I’m afraid they have to recognise that Jeremy got elected with the largest mandate of any political leader from any political party in our history. “I’m afraid they haven’t respected that leadership election result.” The move to ou…

It's over for the BLAIRITES as Labour party is ripped apart

Jeremy Corbyn Sacks Hilary Benn As Shadow Foreign Secretary Over Attempted Leadership Coup

Huffington Post reports:
Hilary Benn has been axed as Shadow Foreign Secretary by Jeremy Corbyn in a dramatic early hours sacking amid rumours of a leadership coup. A spokesman for the Labour leader announced Corbyn had “lost confidence” in Benn and decided to strip him of his key front bench role. The move came just hours after the Observer claimed Benn was planning to lead a Shadow Cabinet revolt against Corbyn later this week in response to the Labour leader’s perceived lack of effort during the EU referendum campaign. The Observer reports Benn was ringing Labour MPs over the weekend in order to gauge support for a coup against the party leadership - and was asking fellow Shadow Cabinet members to resign en masse in order to force Corbyn out. Benn himself spoke out in the early hours of Sunday morning, saying there had been “widespread concern” among Shadow Cabinet members about Corbyn’s leadership…

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