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Anonymous promoting Saturn symbolism, Do you trust Anonymous?

The "hacktivist" movement has revealed its goal is to offer five basic necessities of human life for free - and create a peaceful "one world order"
Anonymous has unveiled its plan to take the political system and remodel it - with the help of its own party. The hacktivist group has revealed The Humanity Party, or THumP, to unite everyone under a banner of peace. Although previously targeting politics fro the outside, THumP is intended to help Anonymous get into the political world and change it from within. The organisation shared details in a press release which stated that THumP will not use "tactics of fear and intimidation" as the party says that these methods have "never worked to unite humanity" or to "promote peace". The name Anonymous has previously been "a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities" with no strictly defined philosophy or purpose, they say - until now. Firstly, THumP wishes…

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