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Tory Britain: I was raped and beaten whilst being evicted from my home by HIGH COURT BAILIFFS

During an unlawful eviction from her own home in December 2015, Inness York, advocate for many who face unlawful and fraudulent evictions was herself subjected to a forced eviction on a fraudulent writ. But this was no ordinary eviction.
Incredibly Inness astonishing claim, backed by medical reports and photographs of her injuries that she was raped by a civilian dressed man, whom along with 5 other men dressed in bailiff protective equipment and who, accompanied by van loads of police outside, introduced themselves as High Court Enforcement Officers after breaking through her front door and barging upstairs to where she was, in her bedroom before on of them raeped her, the others seriously beating her before dragging her downstairs and throwing her out of her house. An elderly gentleman whom Inness was working to help on his individual case was also being beaten at the foot of the stairs.

Incredibly the van loads of policemen outside did nothing. 

Inness explains that documents, custody…

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