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The Sun's hypocrisy REVEALED

The Canary reports:  The Sun newspaper has sought to establish itself as the moral authority on the issue of child sexual abuse and paedophilia, writing a series of lurid and triggering front pages on the issue. But at the very same time, they have been encouraging their readers to lust after female actresses and celebrities under the age of 16. These two images sum up the hypocrisy of the News International team behind The Sun. On March 3 2016, The Sun ran the headline “Paedo in his Speedos”, reporting the conviction of England football star Adam Johnson for “sexually touching a 15-year-old fan.” Yet, just one month earlier, The Sun tweeted it’s readers admire the ‘shapely pins’ of a 14-year-old model. The Sun is quite happy to make money from sexualising children below the age of consent, and yet also wants to cash in on our outrage when children are exploited and abused as a result.
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This has to stop NOW! Tories bullying the vulnerable has gone too far

Two stories in the news today that prove the Tories are bullying and pushing the most vulnerable people in our society into more stress and feeling of helplessness and it has to stop 

The DWP will embed jobcentre advisers in 'a lot more' public services, minister saysThe Independent reports:
DWP job advisers will be embedded in “a lot more” public services in the near future, a minister from the Department has said. Priti Patel told MPs on the Work and Pensions Committee that so-called “co-location” of work coaches would be rolled out nationally, especially targeting areas of the country with high unemployment.
Last year the Government revealed that it was trialing posting job advisers in charity-operated food banks – with plans to deploy them across the country. Ms. Patel said that local councils – which deliver services such as schools, social care, libraries, and housing – would be a “key partner” for the DWP in reshaping the way people came into contact with work coaches.

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