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The cops who jailed a homeless man begging for 10p get put in their place by a furious Judge

A furious Judge has thrown out the case of a  homeless man arrested for begging just 10  pence, saying it is ‘not in the interest of justice’  to proceed with a prosecution.
The Canary reports:  Ashley Hackett is a familiar face to the homeless community of Brighton, East Sussex. The 34-year-old is one of around 90 people who sleep rough in the seaside town on an average night, a figure that is on the rise. But while services to support people who find themselves in poverty and unable to find shelter are being cut, Sussex Police have launched a plainclothes sting operation that is responsible for jailing at least one homeless person a week. As per the usual sting, one plainclothes officer (PC Andrew Platt), and an un-uniformed off-duty officer (Sergeant Richard Siggs) approached Ashley Hackett on the Western Road and arrested him for asking a passerby for 10 pence. The case of Ashley Hackett was picked up by local and national campaigners as the perfect example of the wrong-headed approach t…

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