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First homeless person arrested in Hull in new 'yellow card' crackdown

A CRACKDOWN on begging in Hull has resulted in its 
first arrest of a beggar, with others told to accept offers 
of help or expect a spell behind bars.
Officers have started issuing "yellow cards" to those they catch begging in the Avenues, Beverley Road and Spring Bank. Lee Todd, 27, of no fixed address, has became the first person to fall foul of Humberside Police's strict "two strikes and you're out" policy. He served a day in custody, in lieu of a fine, after pleading guilty at Hull Magistrates' Court last Friday to begging in a public place.

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​British royal pedophile allegations dropped in police cover-up, ex-cop claims

A member of the British royal family was part of a pedophile ring under investigation by police until the case was suddenly dropped, an ex-police officer has claimed.

The former Metropolitan Police officer said the investigation, which took place in the late 1980s, was stopped for national security reasons. An MP and actor Oliver Reed were also named in separate cases, the unnamed officer alleged. The claim follows a fresh appeal by the Met for victims of historic child sex abuse to come forward and give evidence.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the former officer said: “I was in a car with two other vice squad officers. They were discussing a madam who had provided a girl of about 15 to Oliver Reed...the detective sergeant said he had just had a major child abuse investigation shut down by the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] regarding a royal and an MP...he did not mention names, but he said the CPS had said it was not in the public’s interest because it ‘could destabilize national secur…

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