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Britain First, EDL, BNP and UKIP are as bad as ISIS

The English Defence league, Britain First, UKIP and  the British National Party have been compared to the  Islamic State by Derbyshire police who say they are  "just  as much of a real threat". Huffington Post Reports: Speaking to Peak FM Sergeant John Booker said police treat far-right groups the same way they would IS, as they have just as much potential to lead people towards committing terrorist acts. Booker said: “The biggest threat is very much centred on Syrian and Iraq based groups such as Islamic State however we certainly can’t ignore the right wing issues and the far right issues that do exist in our communities and are just as much of a real threat in terms of community division, hatred and deplorable acts as anything else.” Derbyshire Police have said the English Defence League are as "much of a threat" to public order as the Islamic State The comments come after the EDL complained to the BBC about it being mentioned in a television drama called 'Silent Wit…

Zionists are turning the blame from them to real Jews, Don't fall for it!

The media have been giving real Jews a bad name in the press lately and that's because the media is run by Zionists, they are shifting the blame from them to the real Jews just like they did in WW2 and people are sadly falling for it.

Can you believe that some people don't even know what Zionism is? Or can you believe that there are people who have heard about Zionism but say it didn't exist it's just a "conspiracy theory"? well, there is sadly and that is because Western media is run by the Zionist elite. 
It's very rare the word Zionist is ever mentioned in the press because they don't want you to know about it. They wanted it to keep a secret just like they wanted the Bilderberg meetings kept secret but with today's social media and the internet nothing can be kept secret anymore but even with the internet people will still blindly follow what the TV media or newspaper tells them because it's a lazy way of getting news. 
Most people these days…

Justice For Jill: EXCLUSIVE 4 Minutes of the Jill Dando documentary

We are as excited as you are for the release of the Justice for Jill film and we're the ones making it! So we thought we'd share an exclusive 4 minutes of the film before it's released in FOUR WEEKS TIME! 

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Cyprus government admit Chemtrails are REAL and are not happy they are being sprayed!

Agriculture and Environment Minister Nicos Kouyialis has pledged that the government will look into the alleged spraying of chemtrails in Cypriot skies, following demands by concerned citizen activist groups and farmers.

The matter of suspicious aerial spraying – believed by some to be chemtrails – was discussed on Wednesday at the House environment committee. Speaking to the media later, Greens MP George Perdikis – who tabled the issue – said they were pleased with the minister’s commitment to investigate. Perdikis said he hoped, this time, a proper probe would be done with the participation of government departments as well as experts from universities here and abroad. Assuming chemtrails were proved, he added, they expected the government to take the necessary action to put a stop to it. A previous investigation back in 2010 by government departments, analysing air samples, turned out to be a whitewash,  the MP recalled. There is a strong reason to believe that the aerial spraying is con…

Kate McCann "The twins know Maddie is still in Portugal"

KATE McCann and husband Gerry have told their twins  "everything" about Maddie's disappearance and says  their children want their sister back. Despite growing up without her, Kate, 47, said Amelie and Sean, now 11, still remember Maddie and talk about her often. Since Maddie went missing in May 2007 from the family's holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, the couple has strived to keep their other children in the loop. Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Kate - who's backing the Child Rescue Alert campaign to help track down missing kids - explained: "The twins are doing really well. "They’ve grown up essentially without Madeleine, knowing their sister is missing and they want her back. "They are up to date, they know everything, they know if we are meeting police. "There is nothing kept from them."

Since Maddie went missing, parents Gerry and Kate have told their other children everything PA…

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