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The Bowie interview on SKY News aired after his death..

Remember the day of Michael Jackson's funeral when he was spotted on CNN in disguise as Dave Dave well now according to some websites Bowie has done the same..

Now David Bowie

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Are the Freemason elite and A-List celebs leaving for bunkers?

"It's like part of me has died"

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Christian monastery in Jerusalem vandalized by Jewish extremists

A Christian monastery in Jerusalem has been vandalized after extremist graffiti was daubed on its walls. Messages such as “Christians Go to Hell” were written, while Israel says it has ordered an immediate police investigation into the crimes committed. The messages written in Hebrew on the walls and doors of the monastery included "erase the name and the memory of the bastard," and "death to the heretic Christians, enemies of Israel." "Idols will be extirpated," a line lifted from the Jewish prayer service, and "Christians Go to Hell" were among the graffiti written with felt-tip pens, Reuters reports. It is believed that the vandalism was carried out by a number of people, due to the different handwriting, which was visible. The Dormition Abbey outside of Jerusalem’s Old City walls on Mount Zion was affected by the vandals. Many Christians believe that Jesus held the Last Supper near the site while it is also believed to be located near to the to…

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