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Did you know there is a cancer act 1939

(2 & 3 Geo 6 c 13)
An Act to make further provision for the treatment of cancer, to authorise the minister of Health to lend money to the national Radium Trust, to prohibit certain advertisements relating to cancer, and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid
[29 March 1939]

1—3 (Ss 1, 2 repealed by the National Health service Act 1946, s 76, Sch 10, Pt II;s 3 repealed by the National Health Service (amendment) Act 1949, s 29(3).)
4 prohibition of certain advertisements
(1) No person shall take any part in the publication of any advertisement—
(a) containing an offer to treat any person for cancer, or to prescribe any remedy therefor, or to give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof; or
(b)...(2) If any person contravenes any of the provisions of the foregoing subsection, he shall be liable on summary conviction, [to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale] or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, or to both such a fine a…

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