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Tony Blair has killed more people than Assad where is the outrage?

According to mainstream media, Assad has killed over 55,000 Syrians and the mainstream media and British governments are calling for "regime change" in Syria yet the same British governments and British MP's voted not to charge Tony Blair for war crimes and he has murdered double the amount of Assad.
The hypocrisy in British politics stinks. 

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Has Assad actually killed his own people though or are the murdered Syrian's victims of Western bombs and wars? 

Well, Assad killing over 55,000 Syrian people is probably a lie by Western intelligence but I'm not saying Assad hasn't killed anyone.

All these claims originate from the governments and media/NGO establishments of certain western countries. Namely, US and UK.

These claims are no different from claims which were made against any other country which was invaded by the US in the last 20 years. Observe:


A famous incident called nariyah testimony. In which a private US Public Relations firm, cooperating with Kuwait Government and US government, prepared a lie which went like "Iraqi soldiers came to hospitals and took incubators from babies and left them to die"

The 'evidence' for this was solely the testimony/story of one single individual called "Nariyah". Who turned out to be the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador.

This was sold in all western media, made big headlines. This person came and gave testimonies in US congress, senate, to much acclaim and fanfare.

Nariyah testimony remains the foremost reason for Senior Bush Administration being able to sell the first Iraq war to the American and western public.

It came out. Human rights organisations loudly criticised Bush government for basically selling a LIE to the entire world. 

Nothing happened. Fast forward a decade, and they do the same thing for Gaddafi. Then, just 1-2 years later, Assad.

It doesn't even stop there:

U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime'

This is something called 'Atrocity Propaganda', and it's a method to sell wars since World War I.

Atrocity propaganda

Long story short: Manufacturing false crimes against disliked leaders or political groups or even staging them via backed opposition groups and then blaming the target government for them is not something that US military-industry complex hesitates from. 

During US-backed protests by the opposition against Chavez government a few years ago, 'government snipers' shot at protesters from rooftops, killing some of them and creating much publicity and outrage against Chavez government.

It later turned out that they weren't government snipers. They were probably linked to the opposition.

Unknown Snipers and Western-backed "Regime Change"

Same kind of 'sniper incidents' have repeated in Turkey in the late 1970s and many other countries, for which us unfriendly governments were blamed, leading to various results. 

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There is no reason for any head of state to engage in widespread massacres or murders of its own citizens in a time point where they desperately need public support. When you massacre some hundreds of people in some locality in the middle east, you instantly turn their entire clan, tribe against you.  Not to mention turning international opinion against you. It does not strengthen your position at all - it weakens it. That's no joke. 

When we take a look at Tony Blairs crimes in the Middle East he has murdered over a Million people in an illegal war based on lies which have made the Middle East totally unstable and worse than before when Saddam Hussain was in charge because they now have ISIS who are killing thousands a month so you could say Blair's deaths are still rising by the day.

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Why is it then the same British MP's who are calling for regime change in Syria and calling for Assad to be done for war crimes also voted to not charge Tony Blair when Blair has killed more than double people than Assad? is it just because our MP's are hypocrites or is it because Blair is and always was a part of the plan to destabilise the whole of the Middle East so their "Greater Israel" plan can go ahead? 

Blair is a well-known Zionist and loves Israel. Blair has been given a million dollar award for "leadership" by a political organisation in Israel. Mr Blair made a career out of attacking the enemies of Israel, sending his country into more wars than any prime minister ever before in history as the UK joined the US in fighting the perceived enemies of Israel both militarily and politically, advantaging the Zionist cause. Blair also committed Britain to the "war on terror in which Muslims and Islam are the potentials or actual enemies, again demonising the perceived enemies of Zionism. 

Tony Blair wins million-dollar prize for global leadership

Former PM gave Dan David award for his determination to find solutions to areas in conflict

Tony Blair has won a prestigious million-dollar (�697,000) prize for his leadership on the world stage, it was announced today.

The former prime minister, now a Middle East peace envoy, will receive the Dan David prize for "his exceptional leadership and steadfast determination in helping to engineer agreements and forge lasting solutions to areas in conflict".

The award is presented by the Dan David Foundation, based at Tel Aviv University, and a spokesman for Blair said the money would be donated to the former Labour leader's charity for religious understanding, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Blair is an envoy of the international Quartet on the Middle East peace process, which comprises the US, EU, UN and Russia.

His entry as a Dan David laureate on the prize's website hails him as "one of the most outstanding statesmen of our era".

It praises his role in the Northern Ireland peace process and his "steadfast determination and morally courageous leadership" over Kosovo.

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But there is no mention of the divisive decision to support the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Instead, the citation states: "Early in his prime ministership, he came to two beliefs that guide him to today: first, that it is a mistake for the world to wait for America to solve all of the tough questions, and second, that there are some things a state may do within its borders that justify intervention even if the actions do not directly threaten another nation's interests."

A condition of the award is that 10% of the prize money is used to fund graduate students in the winner's field.

A spokesman for the former prime minister's office confirmed that the rest of the money would be donated to the Faith Foundation although no evidence exists that Blair ever did give money to this foundation.

Three Dan David prizes are awarded every year, in past, present and future categories.

Blair won the 2009 award and follows in the footsteps of former US vice-president and environmental campaigner Al Gore, who won last year's prize. (2008)

The award was presented in a ceremony on 17 May at Tel Aviv University in 2009.

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